dimland radio 12-14-19 show notes

Coincidence?! Yes   Rene Auberjonois, Michael J. Pollard, and Carroll Spinney all died within days of each other in the last week or so. No, I’m not going to go on (goon?) about famous people dying in threes. They don’t, people just notice in threes.   The coincidence has to do with their deaths andContinue reading “dimland radio 12-14-19 show notes”

dimland radio 6-2-18 show notes

“I’ll Get That For You.” At the gas station the other night, the actions of one young woman left me awfully disappointed… A Deep Dive I’ve decided to try to do a really deep take on a certain political summit. I think it’s important to dig in and take a good look at a topicContinue reading “dimland radio 6-2-18 show notes”

dimland radio 10-21-17 show notes

The Reasons For No Show Last Week After producing no shows through most of September and only doing one this month, I took another week off. I had planned to record a show early, but things didn’t go as planned. I got sick and didn’t feel up to recording a show early.   The reasonsContinue reading “dimland radio 10-21-17 show notes”

dimland radio 10-22-16 show notes

Hey! Do You Like A Good Poop Story?   I have worked for the same janitorial service for the better part of nearly 28 years and I’ve cleaned a lot of nasty messes, but there was one mess that defied belief. It involved a very security conscious business, video surveillance cameras, and an employee whoContinue reading “dimland radio 10-22-16 show notes”

dimland radio 12-12-15 show notes

So Much Work Done… I was pretty tired out after a week of lots of work, but I pulled it together and did the show. I did have the absolute pleasure that, after a week of working every night, when I was finally heading home on Friday night, the classic rock station gave me thisContinue reading “dimland radio 12-12-15 show notes”