dimland radio 10-7-17 show notes

The Triumphant Return Of Dimland Radio Yet another mass shooting has grabbing our attention. This time in Las Vegas. This time, it is said, it’s the worst mass shooting in modern American history. This time it was carried out by an older, wealthy, white man.   I don’t have any answers as to why thisContinue reading “dimland radio 10-7-17 show notes”

dimland radio 10-22-16 show notes

Hey! Do You Like A Good Poop Story?   I have worked for the same janitorial service for the better part of nearly 28 years and I’ve cleaned a lot of nasty messes, but there was one mess that defied belief. It involved a very security conscious business, video surveillance cameras, and an employee whoContinue reading “dimland radio 10-22-16 show notes”