dimland radio 6-3-23 show notes

The Tooth Is Out! There! Well, it’s out. That bad, bad, naughty tooth that broke a few years ago, but didn’t hurt until a couple weeks after the entire filling finally broke out in March of this year, is out of my mouth. There was a small challenge with my blood pressure prior to theContinue reading “dimland radio 6-3-23 show notes”

dimland radio 5-6-23 show notes

Thank God It’s Friday?! Pfffft! My dad is improving, but it’s baby steps right now. He got past the COVID and he became more himself. He can have a conversation. He asks questions. He jokes. And he turned 88. But he still has a ways to go. You’d think we could start getting back toContinue reading “dimland radio 5-6-23 show notes”

dimland radio 4-15-23 show notes

My Heart Works! After that big snowfall in January and my worry of having a heart attack (I wasn’t), I finally got in for a stress test of my heart. I walked the treadmill, at increasing speeds and inclines, for 10 minutes and 10 seconds. I did well at hitting and surpassing the target heartContinue reading “dimland radio 4-15-23 show notes”

dimland radio 3-11-23 show notes

Winter Misery Index There is a thing called the Twin Cities Snow and Cold Index (SCI), which locally is referred to as the winter misery index. As of this writing our SCI number is 120 for the 2022-2023 winter. It’s a far cry from the record 305 (1916-1917 winter SCI total), but we’ve blown pastContinue reading “dimland radio 3-11-23 show notes”

dimland radio 12-24-22 show notes

Christmas Show I speculated on the Northern Hemisphere bias when it comes to Christmas, more accurately the northern Northern Hemisphere bias, the part of the world that experiences typical winter weather (snow, ice, and cold temperatures). It seems to me that all the imagery of Christmas is permeated with all the cold stuff. But, ChristmasContinue reading “dimland radio 12-24-22 show notes”