dimland radio 10-22-16 show notes

Hey! Do You Like A Good Poop Story?   I have worked for the same janitorial service for the better part of nearly 28 years and I’ve cleaned a lot of nasty messes, but there was one mess that defied belief. It involved a very security conscious business, video surveillance cameras, and an employee whoContinue reading “dimland radio 10-22-16 show notes”

dimland radio 3-19-16 show notes

A Family Story… My great uncle Pal died earlier this month at the age of 85. 85 years is a pretty good run, but ask me if I still think it’s a good run when I’m 84.   His death got me thinking about the Fourth of July celebrations held at his house that weContinue reading “dimland radio 3-19-16 show notes”