dimland radio 10-29-22 show notes

A Classic Halloween Cold Open This is my Halloween (sort of) show, so I thought I’d replay (again) the cold open I did way back when about my love for October, Halloween, and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It was also a great way to kill 7 and a half minutes of show material.Continue reading “dimland radio 10-29-22 show notes”

dimland radio 10-30-21 show notes

Cold Open Replay: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown I decided that since it is Halloweentime I would replay the cold open I did years ago, commemorating the greatness of the Peanuts’ Halloween TV special: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It’s still my favorite holiday special and I can still hear those train whistlesContinue reading “dimland radio 10-30-21 show notes”

dimland radio 3-27-21 show notes

Two More On last week’s show, I mentioned personally knowing five people who have tested positive for the Covid. I don’t know anyone who has died due to the pandemic, for which I am glad. Well, I can add two more people to the list. My wife’s brother and his wife both have the dreadedContinue reading “dimland radio 3-27-21 show notes”

dimland radio 10-27-18 show notes

Two Distractions I explained at the top of the show that there were two distractions I was battling on this week’s show.   One was a persistent cough and dry throat that I have been experiencing for the last couple of weeks or so. Cough drops helped me through the show with a minimum ofContinue reading “dimland radio 10-27-18 show notes”

dimland radio 10-28-17 show notes

It Looks Like I’m Not The Only One You may recall in early September I told the story of my blowing out a tire by hitting a curb while attempting to get on the freeway. Well, someone else just did the same thing the other night!  I’m not the only one.  Never Tell Someone AboutContinue reading “dimland radio 10-28-17 show notes”