dimland radio 3-27-21 show notes

Two More On last week’s show, I mentioned personally knowing five people who have tested positive for the Covid. I don’t know anyone who has died due to the pandemic, for which I am glad. Well, I can add two more people to the list. My wife’s brother and his wife both have the dreadedContinue reading “dimland radio 3-27-21 show notes”

dimland radio 3-31-18 show notes

Mom: An Update It’s hard to she was completely recovered from surgery, but Mom finally went home on Tuesday. It was a few days earlier than the transition care folks advised, but she was getting around pretty well, so she went home. A Gentle Poke At Religious Folks I had a little fun with theContinue reading “dimland radio 3-31-18 show notes”

dimland radio 8-11-12 show notes

Sex Talk And Losing My Train Of Thought Prior to my going on the air, I caught a little of the replay of another Z Talk show, Hot & Bothered.  Joe and Stacy and their guest were talking sex.  It was a little more than I could handle.Then something popped into my head to talkContinue reading “dimland radio 8-11-12 show notes”