dimland radio 6-1-19 show notes

The Big Scrub Job Each year for the last several years, the janitorial service for which I work does a a big scrub and wax job of a small supermarket in Osseso, MN. I talked about some of the particulars of the job, but I also detailed a mugging and a close encounter with aContinue reading “dimland radio 6-1-19 show notes”

dimland radio 5-25-19 show notes

Exclusive Download Only Show There was new playback and chat room on Z Talk Radio for this show. Saturday was the night of the annual big scrub job for my janitor job. I still recorded a show as per usual and these are the notes for that show. Enjoy. Isn’t It Ironic? Well, Maybe SlightlyContinue reading “dimland radio 5-25-19 show notes”

dimland radio 4-28-18 show notes

It’s Spring, Time For A Familiar Rant The ducks have returned, the cat has stopped laying on my lap, and baseball is back. ¬† Have I mentioned that I hate the NY Yankees? Yes. I know I have. But it’s sort of a tradition on Dimland Radio. Besides with the MN Twins have just lostContinue reading “dimland radio 4-28-18 show notes”

dimland radio 11-11-17 show notes

I Was Wrong About Something During my talk about the World Series last week I made a couple mistakes. Hard to believe, I know. I was wrong about how home field advantage is determined in the World Series. I was correct last year, but Major League Baseball changed to the team with the best regularContinue reading “dimland radio 11-11-17 show notes”

dimland radio 2-11-17 show notes

A Dimland Radio Look At Sports¬† Although my favorite game is baseball, I do also like football and last weekend was the NFL’s biggest game: the Superbowl. Since I’m certain the MN Vikings will never again play in that big game, I never have much of a rooting interest in which team wins the game.Continue reading “dimland radio 2-11-17 show notes”