dimland radio 8-21-21 show notes

Empty-Nesters Now and We’re… We’re…

“OK. Now what?”

We’re OK, but Amy did have a bit of an emotional outburst Friday night just after we finished watching a movie. The night before, after arriving home from dropping our son off at college, felt strange, but there were no tears. On the drive home from Mankato, I had a couple moments of realization that the boy was no longer at home.

So, it was Friday night when the emotions welled up in my wife and the tears finally came. Oh, boy.

And here’s a piece of advice gained from my recent personal experience: If you have just dropped your only child off at college and you’re missing them, don’t listen to The Beatle’s She’s Leaving Home. Unless you want to get the feels, that is.

The coordination plans with his roommate and parents’ arrival didn’t quite work out. They hit traffic and arrived an hour after the scheduled meet-up, we made it there an hour early. Arriving early is sort of a Fitzsimons tradition.

Classes start Monday. Good luck, Hayden.

Taking A Critical Look

Cool shades, nice scrubs, a smug smirk, and a sign making an unsubstantiated claim. That is all that’s needed for some people to share the image we see on the right on social media.

Other than a case of apostrophe-itis, everything is spelled correctly. And it doesn’t appear, to my eyes, that the sign was altered to display the “don’t get vaccinated” message. There are certain red flags that you should notice.

First, anyone can put on scrubs and hold a sign. The people sharing this image all across the internets provide no evidence of who the person is and that the message is truthful.

There’s a reason healthcare workers dressed like this around Covid patients. And it’s not to look cool.

We are given no proof this person is a doctor or a nurse. Don’t assume she’s a doctor or a nurse just because of the scrubs. From my admittedly limited experience with hospitals and clinics, it seems everyone who works in those places wears scrubs. This person could indeed work in a hospital or clinic. In the mail room, at the front desk, in record keeping.

But let’s assume the sign isn’t a lie and that the woman is a doctor who works in the ICU with Covid patients. And let’s assume she is unvaccinated. I think it’s a sure bet that she was geared up in full personal protective gear for those 573 days.

Next item: Who is Stew Peters? I didn’t know either until I just did a Google search on him. He’s a podcaster and anti-vaxxer. Recently websites that aren’t exactly the most reliable for news, their pages are filled with anti-vax and Fearless Loser was the victim of a stolen election (he wasn’t) stories, have reported the Stew has been banned from Twitter. No other reputable news sites have even mentioned Mr. Peters.

Well, the same people who would jump on sharing the image of the smirking scrubs-wearer with an immune system might also hurry to share links to Stew’s bullshit story about a German doctor finding horrific stuff in Covid vaccinated people’s blood.

Although it is possible a podcast can break a big story, this hots’s anti-vax stance should raise an eyebrow.

Really? Horrific stuff. Nearly 5 BILLION doses of the Covid vaccine have been administered worldwide. If there were horrific stuff in the blood, horrific side effects, we would hear about it. We heard about the six women who developed blood clots due to the Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine. But we’re only hearing about this horrific blood stuff on Stew’s podcast.

It is possible for a podcast to break news, but, judging by Stew’s anti-vax nature, I am gonna list this as bullshit.

Speaking Of Bullshit

I’ve been noticing lately that on CNN the word bullshit has been used more often without being censored. Last week, Don Lemon called bullshit on Gov. Ron DeathSentence (R- Florida) and his anti-mask stance. I found it refreshing.

Call it what it is. Bullshit.

I mentioned James Lipton and his fawning interviews with actors and his asking them their favorite curse word. I also mentioned the Mr. Show sketch that parodies Lipton very mercilessly.

The Field Of Dreams Ballgame Was Pretty Great

I didn’t get to watch much of the game live. I did watch the highlights and the entire ninth inning on YouTube. It was a regular season game, but it definitely had a playoff atmosphere. The capacity crowd of about 8000 and the viewers at home were treated to a very entertaining game. It had plenty of big hits, a couple lead changes, a thrilling come from behind pair of homers to take the lead in the top of the ninth, and a dramatic walk off home run. Major League Baseball and Fox Sports couldn’t have asked for a better contest.

Yes, it involved the Hated Yankees, but they lost to the Chicago White Sox while giving fans a great show. That’s good for baseball. You can watch that thrilling ninth inning here.

A Dimland Radio ARGH!

“Derp. Derp. What’s on Twitter? Derp. Derp.”

The seats for the Field Of Dreams game were very, very expensive. And look at what the young fellow in the picture (circled along with a woman who gets it) was doing when White Sox player Tim Anderson hit the game winning home run.


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