dimland radio 8-21-21 show notes

Empty-Nesters Now and We’re… We’re… We’re OK, but Amy did have a bit of an emotional outburst Friday night just after we finished watching a movie. The night before, after arriving home from dropping our son off at college, felt strange, but there were no tears. On the drive home from Mankato, I had aContinue reading “dimland radio 8-21-21 show notes”

concert memoirs pt. 34 – duran duran & elastica

Duran Duran 8/18/00 New World Music Theatre w/Amy, Sarah & Sean Ticket Price: $26.50 Yep, that’s right. Duran Duran. Hard to believe I would see this band, right? Guess what else. The New World Music Theatre is in Joliet, Illinois! Uh huh, we drove all the way to Joliet to see the “wild boys”. IfContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 34 – duran duran & elastica”