dimland radio 9-18-21 show notes


On last week’s show I made a couple goofs.

When I was going through the George Jones song Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes I misnamed one of the legends of country music to whom George was referring. It was in the line ‘Old Jerry Lee and Charlie.” The Charlie being referred to is Charlie Rich. However, twice I said it was Charley Pride.

Both men were popular country singers, but how they spelled Charlie/Charley wasn’t the biggest difference. See if you can spot the biggest difference.

My next whoopsie came when I was talking about how American presidents now have to end every speech with “God bless America” or some variation invoking their imaginary friend. It’s tiring and it reminds atheists they don’t have a seat at the table.

I goofed when I went by my memory that previous presidents such as Carter, Ford, and Nixon didn’t do that. And I was correct for the most part. A friend of the show sent me information (an article on TheBlaze.com) that it was Richard Nixon who first put the “God bless America” into the closing of a speech in April, 1973.

That’s not to say that no president prior to Tricky Dick ever invoked the invisible watcher of everything we do (I mean everything – He/she/it watches you do those naughty, dirty things you do. How uncomfortable does that make you? Atheists do feel that discomfort.). It’s just that previous presidents didn’t end every speech with those three little words. And Nixon may have been the first to utter those words at the end of a speech, it wasn’t until Ronald Reagan that they started becoming the go to closer. After 9/11, with George W. Bush they became part of every speech.

Not a big whoopsie, I guess.

“Hey! At least I resigned! Oh! And God bless America!”

And, as long as I was talking about presidents, can you guess which first name is the most common among American presidents?

Hint: It’s James.

Sports Ball Talk

I hate the New York Yankees. I give the latest reason why.

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Pedantic Pronunciation

Stay classy, Trump Nation.

When discussing the anti-Biden yard sign stating, “Joe and the Hoe gotta go” (classy!), at the most recent skeptic’s meet-up, the proper spelling of the sexist and racist insult of Vice President Harris. Is it ho or hoe?

All eyes turned to me and Craig says, “Let’s ask the pedANT.”

My answer? Is the pedantic moment.

There Are Jumping Worms?!

I didn’t know two things at the beginning of this week that I know now. One is that no earthworm is native to Minnesota and the other is that there are jumping worms. Jumping worms!


I was looking up the hours the local compost yard was open, when I spotted a warning about the invasive species called jumping worms. Jumping worms don’t actually jump. They wiggle quite a lot and appear to jump. The MN DNR advises that if you find jumping worms, you should kill them.

I also found out that worms don’t exactly lay eggs when producing baby worms. Two worms, which are hermaphroditic (that means they have all the sex parts), sidle up and get all mucusy with each other and soon they each give the other some sperm to fertilize the others eggs. Sexy! Then they place their fertilized eggs in a cocoon and the eggs hatch out later.

I didn’t know that at the beginning of the week…

That’s three! Three things I learned this week.

A Cool Thing!

Both ABBA and Killing Joke have new music out!

Don’t Shut Me Down by ABBA

I Am The Virus by Killing Joke

Yes, the Killing Joke song seems to be stepping into conspiracy theory territory. but are they criticizing conspiracy thinking or indulging in it? I don’t know. The song still kicks ass.

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Super Trouper by ABBA and The Wait by Killing Joke

Second ad break bumpers: Lay All Your Love On Me by ABBA and Love Like Blood by Killing Joke

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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