dimland radio 5-15-10 show notes

The chat room wasn’t very full, but I did a show anyway. This old house I started off boring my listeners with the tale of our replacing two windows in our kitchen. They needed replacing. They were quite nasty. I also talked about my peculiar habit of putting a plastic toy soldier inside a constructionContinue reading “dimland radio 5-15-10 show notes”

this decade ain’t over yet…

During an episode of ‘The X-Files’ in late 1999; Scully, the show’s skeptic, pointed out to Mulder, the show’s woo-woo advocate, that the new millennium would not begin with the ending of 1999, but that it would begin when the year 2000 came to an end. And Mulder’s reply to Scully’s correct observation? “No oneContinue reading “this decade ain’t over yet…”