dimland radio 1-7-12 show notes

Cold Open: Internet Know-It-All Ain’t it the truth. Whenever you venture out on the intertubes you run the risk of encountering someone who thinks they’re smarter than you and has better interwebs skills. This was my story of a brush with internet greatness. Spilt Beer Show Recap No! I can’t look at it! The tragedy!Continue reading “dimland radio 1-7-12 show notes”

dimland radio 12-17-11 show notes

Beer Spill Serious alcohol abuse! Just as I was about to go on the air, I dropped my beer! Smooth move, Sherlock. I Don’t Believe In Christmas George Hrab Honestly, I had planned to start off the show by playing George Hrab’s song, ‘I Don’t Believe In Christmas.’ However, it worked to cover some timeContinue reading “dimland radio 12-17-11 show notes”

dimland radio 5-15-10 show notes

The chat room wasn’t very full, but I did a show anyway. This old house I started off boring my listeners with the tale of our replacing two windows in our kitchen. They needed replacing. They were quite nasty. I also talked about my peculiar habit of putting a plastic toy soldier inside a constructionContinue reading “dimland radio 5-15-10 show notes”