dimland radio 2-16-13 show notes

It’s Not True: Lottery Give Away The internets are full of baloney.  And I talked about something I’ve seen on the Facebook a few times.  It’s a picture of a fellow holding up the winning Powerball ticket and includes text that promises to give the millionth person who shares that post one million dollars. Well,Continue reading “dimland radio 2-16-13 show notes”

dimland radio 4-28-12 show notes

And Now A Little James Randi My friend, Chris Brown, got to hobnob with several skeptics in high standing at the recent NECSS event.  He dropped my name and how I do a skeptic-themed show on a paranormal network.  James Randi was impressed and signed a photo just for me.  Amazing! The Amazing Randi signedContinue reading “dimland radio 4-28-12 show notes”

dimland radio 3-24-12 show notes

Even Me Yep, even your humble host, Mr. Skeptic, can get caught by a scammer. I told two stories of encounters I’ve had with scammers. One much more recent, in which I don’t really do any damage. The another tale took place many years ago and I was out a few bucks, but learned aContinue reading “dimland radio 3-24-12 show notes”