dimland radio 10-12-13 show notes

Scam Alert I passed on a message to one of our employees the other day.  A Sheriff Ricky Clark (at one point I slipped and called him Ricki Lake) of Lamb County, Texas needed to get a hold of that employee.  Minutes after I gave the message, the employee called me back and told meContinue reading “dimland radio 10-12-13 show notes”

dimland radio 4-14-12 show notes

Memes Talk Really? A $2 jump from Regular to Plus? And, then, a one PENNY jump to Supreme? Lots of commentary on a couple of photographic “memes” that I found on Facebook. One was an obvious fake in which someone tries to scare us about gas prices and why they are so high. I pointedContinue reading “dimland radio 4-14-12 show notes”

dimland radio 5-1-10 show notes

Hey! Dave Servo, my friend and fellow skeptic, actually tuned in this week! Correction Last week I had talked about the Immaculate Conception and how the term refers to the Virgin Mary, not Jesus. It’s a Catholic concept that many people get wrong. I then said that Jesus wasn’t born without sin. Apparently, he was.Continue reading “dimland radio 5-1-10 show notes”