dimland radio 2-28-15 show notes

  SNL Turned 40 I turned 50 and Saturday Night Live turned 40. Coincidence?! I guess not. Anyway, I talked about some of the highlights and having my 11 year-old son taking in a few skits and jokes that may not have been suitable for someone his age. In fact, the first skit ‘Celebrity Jeopardy‘Continue reading “dimland radio 2-28-15 show notes”

dimland radio 11-23-13 show notes

Tour Of Jury Duty So, I had jury duty this past week.  That’s part of the reason I did the show live instead of prerecording it on Friday night.  I was just too tuckered out. I didn’t get picked for a jury but I sure spent a lot of time waiting around.  I also talkedContinue reading “dimland radio 11-23-13 show notes”

dimland radio 4-9-11 shows

Living In Interesting Times (Follow Up) A continuation of last week’s talk on the work situation and how it’s been really stressful. It just seems as though the stuff is piling up sky high. But I still have a job (for now). A Couple Tales From Dim’s Art School Days I relate the story ofContinue reading “dimland radio 4-9-11 shows”