dimland radio 4-4-20 show notes

That Small Percentage Is A Really Big Number I started by giving a little update on life in Minnesota after our first week of Stay At Home. It’s been ok, I guess. Actually, it’s not very different for me because I still head into work each day pretty much just as before. Then there wasContinue reading “dimland radio 4-4-20 show notes”

dimland radio saturday night music special 8-25-12

Saturday Night Music Special Show This was the last of my Saturday music shows as I was only playing music during the month of August.  I will be playing music next Friday, so tune in then at 10pm Central for more excellent tunes. Playlist Abacab – Genesis What Is Life – George Harrison Miracle DrugContinue reading “dimland radio saturday night music special 8-25-12”

concert memoirs pt. 44 – gang of four & wire

Gang of Four with John and David at First Avenue. John and I had discovered Gang of Four when we watched the concert movie ‘Urgh! A Music War’. It is a great film with a lot of great bands, including The Police, The Fleshtones, The Cramps, Oingo Boingo, Wall of Voodoo, XTC and many others.Continue reading “concert memoirs pt. 44 – gang of four & wire”

concert memoirs pt. 30 – love & rockets & buzzcocks

Love & Rockets w/Orgy3/5/99 First Avenue w/John, David & Kjrsten Ticket Price: Unknown The opening act, Orgy, was ok. Just ok. I hadn’t heard much about them before the show. I knew they did a cover of New Order’s brilliant “Blue Monday”. About all this new Goth band did was remind me that the bandsContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 30 – love & rockets & buzzcocks”

concert memoirs pt. 25 – burning spear, the fall & elastica

Burning Spear 8/29/94 First Avenue w/Mike Ticket Price: Comp. Tickets Well, well. The second comp. ticket concert in a row. And it’s also a show attended without John. John wasn’t interested or was otherwise busy. You will notice that from here on there won’t be many shows that I saw with John. I would beContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 25 – burning spear, the fall & elastica”