dimland radio 12-8-18 show notes

A Memory Of Pete Shelley  Musician Pete Shelley died on Thursday. He was a founding member of one of the UK’s earliest and best Punk rock bands. I shared some memories of my experience with the Buzzcocks and Pete Shelley. This Cartoon Again? Yes, I talked about the above cartoon again, because something else occurredContinue reading “dimland radio 12-8-18 show notes”

concert memoirs pt. 30 – love & rockets & buzzcocks

Love & Rockets w/Orgy3/5/99 First Avenue w/John, David & Kjrsten Ticket Price: Unknown The opening act, Orgy, was ok. Just ok. I hadn’t heard much about them before the show. I knew they did a cover of New Order’s brilliant “Blue Monday”. About all this new Goth band did was remind me that the bandsContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 30 – love & rockets & buzzcocks”

concert memoirs pt. 24 – buzzcocks & paul weller

The Buzzcocks 11/20/93 First Avenue w/John Ticket Price: Unknown Geez! Of the last five shows I attended at First Avenue (or anywhere else, I’m sure) three were is see The Buzzcocks. I guess I really liked these guys. You will also notice that the numbers of shows I went to per year had greatly reduced.Continue reading “concert memoirs pt. 24 – buzzcocks & paul weller”

concert memoirs pt. 23 – buzzcocks, the the, killing joke & buzzcocks

The Buzzcocks w/Jazz Butcher 11/20/89 First Avenue w/John & David Ticket Price: Unknown Here we go! We really were anticipating this show. The Buzzcocks was one of our favorite bands. I’m not sure about my friend David, but John and I had never seen them before. David is a few years older than John andContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 23 – buzzcocks, the the, killing joke & buzzcocks”

concert memoirs pt. 16 – ramones & pete shelley

Ramones w/Funseekers7/27/86 First Avenue w/John Ticket Price: $8.00 This is one of my feather-in-my-cap shows. True, it wasn’t very early on, it wasn’t at CBGB’s, but it was before Dee Dee left the band. And well before they all died, most of them anyway. I hope that doesn’t seem to mean, because I do feelContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 16 – ramones & pete shelley”