dimland radio 7-12-14 show notes

Pedantic Moment: Cuteeee   When I read the posts on my Facebook, I see people not understanding how to elongate words for emphasis. For instance, if you wanted to elongate the word “cute” how would you do it? Hint: The “E” is silent. Congratulations Cosmos!   Congratulations to the producers of ‘Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey’!Continue reading “dimland radio 7-12-14 show notes”

dimland radio 11-6-10 show notes

The world is chatting I started out talking about how much I enjoy the online chat feature of stations like Z Talk Radio. I get the chance to meet and talk you folks from around the world. In particular, a fellow named Khalil from Morocco. It is a small world afterall. Why is this manContinue reading “dimland radio 11-6-10 show notes”

dimland radio 7-24-10 show notes

A new segment was introduced on this show… It’s Not True It came to me a day or two before Saturday’s show that I could do a segment dedicated to shedding light of urban legends and popular myths. It further came to me that I could use a song as an intro and outro forContinue reading “dimland radio 7-24-10 show notes”