dimland radio 1-5-19 show notes

Let’s Check In On This…   It’s not getting any funnier. No, I’m not recycling a old blog. This is starting the same way as last week’s because I decided to keep an eye on how well this, what looks like a piece of crap, is doing.   As of this writing, the movie hasContinue reading “dimland radio 1-5-19 show notes”

dimland radio 1-13-18 show notes

Casey At The Bat Longtime listeners know I can’t go very many shows with talking about The Who. And it’s been a whole week. I was invited to help some folks out in a round of that bar trivia thing. The featured topic was going to be the world’s greatest rock band: Nickelback. No, wait.Continue reading “dimland radio 1-13-18 show notes”