dimland radio 10-22-11 show notes

Baseball! I started by mentioning the major beat down the St. Louis Cardinals were putting on the Texas Rangers, but I didn’t linger on sports for long. Vacation Is Over I also touched on when it feels to me that a vacation is over. And in doing so I mentioned Ricky Gervais and his podcast.Continue reading “dimland radio 10-22-11 show notes”

dimland radio 6-25-11 show notes

Yard Work and Grad Party It was supposed to be a sunny day, but the grey overcast sky proved the weather man wrong. Anyway, we were still able to get out in the yard and cut our lilac shrub down to size. Later Hayden and I attended a graduation party. Just For Men “Maybe IContinue reading “dimland radio 6-25-11 show notes”

dimland radio 7-17-10 show notes

It had been a dark and stormy night, but the storms pasted and we still had power and the show went on. I was a little under the weather as I had a bad stomach and a bit of a headache. Still I was well enough to soldier on. Besides, I had a guest… TheContinue reading “dimland radio 7-17-10 show notes”

dimland radio 6-12-10 show notes

This (my 14th) show had a pleasant surprise for me… The The? When I arrived in the chat room twenty minutes before my show, as I usually do, I noticed someone new to Z Talk in the chat room going by the name The The. The The is a band that I really like, soContinue reading “dimland radio 6-12-10 show notes”

bigfoot body found?

I haven’t addressed this fully in this blog, but I am a skeptic. I’m a member of the Skeptic’s Society which essentially means that I subscribe to Skeptic magazine. You can check out http://www.skeptic.com to learn more about the magazine and what it means to be a skeptic. As a skeptic, I know it’s importantContinue reading “bigfoot body found?”