dimland radio 7-17-10 show notes

It had been a dark and stormy night, but the storms pasted and we still had power and the show went on. I was a little under the weather as I had a bad stomach and a bit of a headache. Still I was well enough to soldier on. Besides, I had a guest… TheContinue reading “dimland radio 7-17-10 show notes”

dimland radio 7-10-10 show notes

After a couple minutes fumbling with the server, I managed to get another show going. It was most likely due to my error. Mea Culpa. What?! Again?! I started the show admitting I was wrong about something. In the Z Talk chat room the night before, I stated that every Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer hasContinue reading “dimland radio 7-10-10 show notes”

the thing about EVP

In 1980 the film ‘The Changeling’ was released by MGM. It is a pretty effective ghost/haunted house/mystery movie starring the great George C. Scott. As the film openings we see Scott’s character, John Russell, suffer an incredible tragedy. The story then continues four months later as Russell gets back to living his life. He movesContinue reading “the thing about EVP”

bigfoot body found?

I haven’t addressed this fully in this blog, but I am a skeptic. I’m a member of the Skeptic’s Society which essentially means that I subscribe to Skeptic magazine. You can check out http://www.skeptic.com to learn more about the magazine and what it means to be a skeptic. As a skeptic, I know it’s importantContinue reading “bigfoot body found?”