comic book that changed my life #4

Jeepers! It’s difficult to keep a blog going. Let alone continue this series on comic books that have changed my life. But, undaunted, I present the fourth installment. As I’ve stated before, this series deals mainly with the art of comic books. Not so much on the stories. The issues I’ll talk this time aboutContinue reading “comic book that changed my life #4”

today’s most vital issue

Hey, Kids! I’m sure you’ve all heard about the 7/7/07 worldwide concert event, Live Earth. I just wanted to remind you how vitally important this event is. Live Earth is addressing THE issue of our times! Yes, Live Earth will awaken the world to the fact the it is vital that the United States ELECTContinue reading “today’s most vital issue”

pure genius

Every now and then, something so earth-shatteringly brilliant comes along and changes everything. This is might not be one of those things, but I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a drawing done by my son. He’s just over 3 and a half years-old. This is probably just proud parent talk, but my wife and IContinue reading “pure genius”

comic books that changed my life #3

Back in January 2006, I started what I intended to be a blog series on some of my favorite comic books. I did two. For some reason, I got off track. So, let’s get back on the rails. My series deals mainly with the art. I’m a cartoonist and comic books were a HUGE influenceContinue reading “comic books that changed my life #3”