dimland radio 3-15-14 show notes

I Was Wrong…Again I must be slipping. I was wrong about something on last week’s show. Actually, it’s more like a moment of misspeaking. I mentioned the actor Dennis Farina was left off the Oscar in memoriam segment, only I called him Douglas. Whoops. If You Had Known What Exactly? Just what does this mean?Continue reading “dimland radio 3-15-14 show notes”

dimland radio 4-2-11 show notes

Living In Interesting Times A little talk on the work situation and how it’s been really stressful. It just seems as though the stuff is piling up sky high. But I still have a job (for now). $280.00! That new (new to us, it’s a 2001) car just cost us about $280 dollars. Headlights neededContinue reading “dimland radio 4-2-11 show notes”

craig ferguson doesn’t have a band… that’s awsome

When did the bands on the late night talk shows become so domineering? I’m old enough to remember Johnny Carson and I remember that he had a great band, but the band did not dominate the show the way today’s late show bands tend to do. Johnny’s band played the intro, the cuts to commercial,Continue reading “craig ferguson doesn’t have a band… that’s awsome”