death. i’m not for it.

It’s Mr. Death. He’s here about the reaping? I know you’re going to have a difficult time accepting this, but I just don’t like the idea of dying. Nope. I don’t like. I don’t like it at all. To steal from Michael Shermer, when it comes to the idea of an afterlife, I’m all forContinue reading “death. i’m not for it.”

concert memoirs pt. 40 – trip shakespeare, big black & the three johns

Trip Shakespeare (Minneapolis band) I mentioned this in my blog about Breaking Circus, but I want to go into a little more detail on First Avenue’s New Band nights. Back when John and I were going to Club Degenerate, First Avenue’s weekly dance night featuring punk, post-punk, industrial, indie, etc. music, on each Tuesday night,Continue reading “concert memoirs pt. 40 – trip shakespeare, big black & the three johns”