dimland radio 12-17-22 show notes


Most of what I know of the sport cricket comes from Monty Python and 70’s UK sit-com The Good Life (or Good Neighbors as it was called in the States). Which is to say I know next to nothing about the game that influenced the greatest game invented by you humans: Baseball.

Boy! Do I miss baseball.

Don’t worry sportsballers, I didn’t talk much about the sport. I actually talked more about that British sit-com, which I love so much. It’s the aforementioned The Good Life, which tells the story of a married couple who decided to drop out of the rat race of life and become as self-sufficient as possible on their suburban home in upper middle class Surbiton. Hilarity ensues.

Although I like the lead character on The Good Life (Tom Good played by Richard Briers), he can be a bit of an asshole from time to time. I guess that’s something we are all capable of.

But, cricket. What of cricket?

A friend from Australia shared an explanation of the game. I think it clears everything up nicely. Have a look…

There. That’s easy.

Changing The World?

Big science news has dropped. It appears physicists, who have been trying for decades, have cracked the nut that is getting more energy out of fusion than what goes in. This could be very, very big.

Photo source: PBS

We have nuclear power which is based on fission (splitting atoms) since the 1950s. It’s a good, safe, reliable way to produce energy that will not contribute to global warming. However, there is the whole radioactive waste to deal with.

If science could do the opposite, joining atoms to produce energy instead of splitting them, that would be even better. It would be fusion and fusion would be even safer than fission. If physicists could figure out how to make it work, getting more energy out than what is put in, that would be, as the kids say, a game changer.

Fusion produces no radioactive waste.

The problem for the longest time was more energy was put in than came out. Until now! And that’s what the big announcement was about. Physicists have made it work. Now the engineers need to scale it to work for powering car, cities, and the world.

It’s exciting news, but it seems likely that it will take some time, perhaps a couple decades, before we will be fully able to benefit from fusion.


Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story

Streaming on Netflix

I talked quite a bit about this Netflix series. It’s a dramatic series that examines the life and horrific crimes of Jefferey Dahmer. With a great cast, the series gives an insight on the systemic racism and homophobia of law enforcement, we get to learn about one particular victim (Tony) who came so close to actually having a relationship with Dahmer, we see Jeffery’s parents (especially his father) struggle to understand what their son had done (but maybe his dad did understand a little), and we learn about a woman who kept ringing the alarm, but the police just wouldn’t listen.

And, of course, there is Jeffery. He’s mostly a deadpan, blank slate. He barely shows any emotion most of the time, except when he was giving in to his compulsion.

A slow burn at times, hard to watch at others, but completely fascinating.

GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED! GET BOOSTED AGAIN! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU! It would also be a good idea to get your flu shot, too.

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