dimland radio 12-10-22 show notes

My Foot Has Seen A Doctor

I finally saw a foot doctor. The foot is improving. He took care of a couple thing and told me, “Indoor Shoes, young man.”

It will still take some time to heel completely. In fact, I’m not certain my foot will return to its pre-this round of plantar fasciitis condition. But I am glad it isn’t hurting as much as before the visit. It was horrible.

So, indoor shoes it is. With proper over-the-counter insoles, that is. And looser fitting shoes to avoid an ingrown toenail.

It will still be a literal and figurative pain in the foot for a while, but it is getting better.

Scam Email And Masturbation

I received an email at work attempting to blackmail me. It stated that it had video of me “happily masturbating” to porn on my laptop.

What is this person so happy about?

Oh, really? I don’t recall a time, at any point in my life, that I masturbated happily. Besides this email is obviously bullshit.

I went over a few of the telltale signs that it was a phishing scam. I didn’t fall for it.

Not looking so happy, is she? But, she also still doesn’t very shameful.

It’s Not True: Facebook Charging Next Year

And an old hoax is making its rounds on the social medias again. It’s a message warning that Facebook will charge its users starting next summer, unless people post the warning message. The hoax also claims that if you declare publicly that you do not give Facebook permission to use your photos, messages, comments, etc and they will leave your stuff alone.

Yeah, well, it’s not true.

Well, I Guess Ties In Baseball Do Happen… Exceedingly Rarely

The last time it happened was in 2016. It was late in the season and it was a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The score was tied when weather prevented any further play, but because the outcome of the game wouldn’t affect the postseason possibilities for either team (the Cubs were way in and the Pirates were way out), it was decided the game would not be completed later, so it remained a tie.

Baseball Reference does show the records of those teams (Chicago, Pittsburgh) having a tie that season, but other sites just show the record being one game short of 162, the number of games in the regular season.

Dimlandfest or Dimlandapalooza

Other than switching The Who and Ramones positions, this three-day music festival, created through Instafest app, is right up my alley. But it would be. It came from my Spotify.

It would be awesome. One friend said of all the Instafests he’d seen posted this was the first he would be interested in seeing. Still, some Facebook friend had to criticize it as being bland and needing some spice, or at least a little ketchup.


GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED! GET BOOSTED AGAIN! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU! It would also be a good idea to get your flu shot, too.

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Bull Rider by Johnny Cash and Something To Believe In by Ramones

Second ad break bumpers: That’s Entertainment by The Jam and You Better You Bet by The Who

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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