dimland radio 10-8-22 show notes

How Does This Happen?

Not the car we saw, but it’s in the same position.

The car in the photo (above) is just to demonstrate the position of the car we saw this week.

The road conditions were fine. No wet roads. No ice. And still a car was on its roof.

How does this happen?!

A Completed Collection

Years ago I decided to collect everything Marvel Comics title that had the Werewolf By Night as the starring character. Those titles are Marvel Spotlight (issues 2-4), his own title series (43 issues), Giant-Size Werewolf By Night (issues 2-5), and Giant-Size Creatures (issue #1).

It was that last comic that was needed to complete my collection. It eluded me, because for the longest time I thought it was called Giant-Size Werewolf By Night as issue 2 through 5 are, but it wasn’t.

Periodically, I would search for it under the wrong title and, of course, I wouldn’t find it. How could there be a number 2 without a number 1?

Well, Marvel decided to consider Giant-Size Creatures number 1 to be Giant-Size Werewolf (technically not Werewolf By Night) number one when they numbered the next four issues with Werewolf in the title. Publishing is a weird animal.

Anyway, I figured out what the Giant-Size issue I was missing and I finally got it. It wasn’t cheap, either.

Now, I’m excited to watch the Werewolf By Night special movie on Disney+. If I get a chance to watch it, I will review it next week. So far, I’m hearing good things.

And look at how cool the Werewolf is when drawn by the great Mike Ploog!

The “Horse And Buggy” Crowd Has Come Back

This asinine meme surfaced on social media…

Well, the charger isn’t a diesel generator. It’s a big rechargeable battery.

The new “horse and buggy” crowd, today’s irrational haters of electric vehicles, are using old, out-dated arguments, misinformation, and disinformation. It’s almost as if they all work for the oil companies.

Brian Dunning over at Skeptoid.com has done a few podcasts making certain the best and most accurate information about electric vehicles is available to anyone who doesn’t want to fall for social media ignorance and oil company propaganda. These links will get you the accurate information:

What They’re Saying About Electric Cars Now

Electric Cars and the Power Grid

No, Electric Cars Don’t Pollute More

The meme (above) prompted me to post on social media in response to today’s “horse and buggy” crowd…

Cool Thing: Aaron Judge’s 62 Homers

The clean home run king!

Yes, I hate the Yankees. And, yes, Aaron Judge is a Yankee.

But, even I think this is really cool. Especially, since he has achieved this without the aid of performance enhancing drugs. That can’t be said about the three players ahead of Judge in the single season home run totals.

I did note something disturbing about the top three clean single season home run champions. They’re all American League players, which isn’t disturbing. What’s disturbing is they are all…

You’ll have to listen to the show.

I’m such a stinker.


Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Cracking by Suzanne Vega and Jesus Chrysler Drives A Dodge by The Screaming Blue Messiahs

Second ad break bumpers: Electric Lash by The Church and Boy About Town by The Jam

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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