dimland radio 10-15-22 show notes

21 Years!

My lovely wife Amy and me from 21 years ago! On our wedding day.

Not much to say that the picture above doesn’t say better. It was 21 years ago that Amy and I got married.

How did we celebrate?

We went to hang out with…

The Minnesota Skeptics Meet-Up & Battlefield Acupuncture

Amy came along to this week’s meet-up, which was a very enjoyable night despite the low turnout. A new person also attended. He was a first timer. He asked us what we thought about acupuncture. I told him medical science does not support it.

Training in the use of bullshit.

He was retired from the Air Force and that will in service they use battlefield acupuncture to deal with pain in the wounded.

Great! The military is practicing magic. I’ll let Dr. David Groski explain why this is a very bad idea.

On the show I talked about the difficulty skeptics face when dealing with someone who has personal experience with magic bullshit alternative medicine. The new skeptical attendee even said that most common phrase: “It worked for me!” He also threw in the “I was skeptical at first” cliche.

The Science-Based Medicine website has several entries listing all the science stating acupuncture simply does not work. Check it out!

Alex Jones Gets Another Heavy Smack Down In The Courts


Alex Jones getting his comeuppance in Texas. Just this past week, Connecticut handed him an even bigger ass whooping.

That’s nearly a BILLION dollars in the latest judgement (I couldn’t think of that word on the show) from a Connecticut jury against conspiracy theory king Alex Jones.

It’s a good start.

Will this spell the end of Alex Jones and his disinformation spreading internet juggernaut InfoWars? Perhaps, but sooner or later, someone else will step into the void left by Alex and spread the crazy.

But, again, it’s a good start.

This God Stuff!

A couple of pictures of a beautiful sunset had a commenter on social media exclaim, “GOD!”

This makes someone think of God.

Really?! That’s what comes to your mind when the sun is in that particular position relative to the earth? Because there are some orange and red colors involved? Do you have the same reaction at noon when the sun is overhead? It may be noon for you, but at that same moment, somewhere way east or west of you, someone else is having divine feelings looking at orange and red colors on the horizon, even though to you it’s just the ho-hum bright ball of light in the sky.

Apparently, GOD is the combination of orange and red colors on the horizon.

Same sun, same moment in time, just a few thousand miles to the west and… ho hum.

Want To Create An Atheist? Have Them Read The Bible

That is something Penn Jillette has often said. He believes that reading the Bible, with all its contradictions and silliness, is a good way to make atheists.

I read a part of the Bible (Mark 11:12-25 Good News Translation) on the show that struck me as odd when I first read it way back when I was still a believer. There are two stories about something Jesus’ actions. One story is well-known – driving the merchants and money-changers from the temple. The other story wasn’t one I heard in my religion classes or at mass…

Jesus got mad at a fig tree.


Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Crash by The Primitives and Ballet For A Rainy Day by XTC

Second ad break bumpers: Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) by The The and Spy World by Wall Of Voodoo

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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