dimland radio 10-1-22 show notes

Edna Update And Some Shit Went Down

This past Tuesday afternoon, I took Edna (our adorable Japanese Chin puppy) in for her final follow up from the dog attack of a few weeks ago.

She’s healing nicely and is off all meds! Phew!

Please, dog-owners, when taking your dogs out for a walk use a leash!

Yes, that cop is aiming a rifle. Photo credit: Me!

The shit that went down happened while our appointment with the vet was wrapping up. Edna and I had just left the clinic and I was giving her a little walk (on a leash!), when I became aware of the sounds of sirens coming from several police cars. The sirens all went quiet as each vehicle got next to the clinic.

Across the street, just minutes earlier, a man and his dog were shot. Both are expected to survive. The man went to the hospital, while the dog was taken to the clinic I had just left.

I saw the young man who had been shot getting assistance from two police officers. I didn’t know at the time whether he had be shot or stabbed.

I didn’t seen the dog.

Granny Never Fail Cold Cure

Believe it or don’t, an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies had a good skeptical lesson to impart to those looking for miracle cures. At least for the common cold.

Here’s a clip:

The body can take care of a lot of ailments itself.

Down The Rabbit Hole With Granny

This meme showed up on my Facebook and I didn’t think the claim it was making was true. The younger Irene Ryan in the image just didn’t look like the actor who played Granny on the 60s/70s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies.

The eyes don’t look right. And that chin is a little too strong to be Granny’s.

So, I started Googling. I found another version of that young “Granny” photo. This one doesn’t have the inset photo of the Clampett matriarch. Hidden by that inset photo is a signature.

The first signature headshot I found was too low rez for me to be able to read it. But I found another image that was higher rez and easier to read.

Looks like Irene Hervey, don’t it?

It may have been easy to read, but I still couldn’t quite make out the last name. It looked as though the name started with an “H” and ended with a “Y”. That gave me a new direction to search on the Google.

I get into more detail on the show, but I was able to, with high confidence, identify the young Granny to be Irene Hervey.

This image shows a young and lovely Irene Ryan…

Homeopathy: There’s Nothing In It!

A coworker was having a nasty attack of the allergy. He went out to the Whole Foods to find an over-the-counter medicine to help relieve the pressure, pain, and puffy eyes. He came back with a homeopathic “remedy”.

I did not take this as an opportunity to go all skeptical. He wasn’t feeling well and he didn’t need me telling him he’d just wasted his money.

I did say when I saw it was homeopathic, “I won’t tell you what I think of this.”

He knew I was skeptical, but we both just let it go.

Homeopathy is magic, not medicine. And magic isn’t real. Learn more about homeopathy here.

It’s The Mix

Well, it’s a little complicated why the dialogue is so quiet when watching a movie at home. The music and explosions can be easily heard, but we gotta put the subtitles on if we want know what the characters are saying.

There are solutions. We got a soundbar.

Watch this video to learn more.

Forgotten Links From Last Week

Did he saying “you or the other one” or “pull the other one”?

Last week, I talked about the UK phrase “pull the other one”, which basically means, “I think you are lying to me.”

Being an American, I wasn’t familiar with the phrase. That meant I never quite knew what the soldier questioning King Arthur was asking. Recently, I listened Squeeze’s song Annie Get Your Gun. They say the “Pull the other one’ in the song. That got me to google the transcript for the Holy Grail film and lyrics by the British New Wave Pop song.

Then I looked up the phrase on the internets. What can it mean? The answer is here.

Sorry I forgot to include this in last week’s show notes.


Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Crystal Wrists by Peter Murphy and It’s Obvious by Sade

Second ad break bumpers: Big Brother Muscle by The Screaming Blue Messiahs and Johnny Hit And Run Pauline by X

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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