dimland radio 9-24-22 show notes

Snopes Won’t Call It A Hoax, But…

Snopes, a website that is a reliable source for exposing hoaxes on the internet, has called the video of a woman with a snake in her ear “unproven”. No doubt Snopes is being careful due to not having enough evidence to declare it a hoax.

But, on the show, I call it a hoax.

A Cautionary Tale

Our little one about an hour after her ordeal.

I am livid with anger to the point of tears.

I took our little one out for her 10 o’clock walk. It’s dark, so I bring a flashlight. Just as we got to the walking path (where the flashlight is needed) I heard a voice coming from the dark.

I turned on the flashlight and saw a large black dog coming toward us. It was being chased by a man who was trying to get it to stop. I tried to get between Edna (my dog) and the onrushing dog, but I was too slow and it was too close.

It had Edna’s head in its mouth.

I pulled at the dog as the fellow caught up and together we got Edna free. I picked her up, cradled her in my arms, and shouted at the top of my voice, “WHAT THE FUCK?! GET A FUCKING LEASH!!” And then I carried Edna away. She was screaming with fear.

I hurled a few more words at the fellow I presume to be responsible for that dog not being controlled. Edna was on a leash.

When we got far enough away and Edna had stopped screaming, I decided to have her walk again. I wanted to see if she was ok enough to do that. She was.

I got her home and Amy and I examined her. Her head was wet from saliva, but there was no blood. No puncture wounds. The dog didn’t shake her around or pick her up. I think it just put its mouth around her head without biting. However, a tooth might have scratched her, because we did notice Edna’s left eye was a bit swollen.

I contacted an emergency animal hospital and told them what happened. They asked a few questions and my answers had them thinking that observation at home was the best course of action. So we’re going to monitor her.

As coincidence would have it, she has a vet appointment Tuesday morning. The emergency people said not to wait until Tuesday if we notice her condition is worse.

I feel horrible. I should have picked her up immediately. I should have had the flashlight on sooner. It’s a cliché, I know, but it all happened so fast.

The anger in my voice as I tore into that irresponsible asshole surprised me. And the volume did, too. I think the whole neighborhood heard me. He, on the other hand, said nothing to me. No apologies. Nothing. He just took his dog away.

We have leash laws for a reason! If you have a dog use a fucking leash!

Edna has almost completely recovered. She is nearly done with the meds that she’s been taking to deal with a puncture wound in her left eye. Luckily, that was pretty much the extent of the physical damage Edna suffered. On hindsight, it seem likely the black lab that grabbed a hold of her was not intent on hurting her. It probably was just rough-housing.

We have made adjustments on out nighttime walks. No more walking the unlighted path, even if I bring a flashlight. And, in general, anytime I spot a dog not on a leash, I pick Edna up immediately.

If you are a dog owner, please, use a leash.

It’s Not True: Oh, It’s States’ Rights

Remember when the Justices who lied their way onto the US Supreme Court by saying they wouldn’t overturn Roe v Wade because it was a settled issue, overturned Roe as soon as they had a conservative majority on the court? Remember how in the aftermath conservatives reassured people upset by the ruling that the Court did not ban abortion, it just returned the the states. You know? “States’ Rights,” they all said.

Weeeeeelllllllll, conservative Senator (unmarried with no children and not a woman) Lindsey Graham stepped up to tell us know it’s not true

Cool Thing: I Work With A Couple Of Sweethearts

Sure, they look scary. Yeah, you’d probably cross to the other side of the street if you saw them heading you way.

They are covered with piercings and tattoos. They wear lots of black clothes. One has a mohawk, the other long hair and a shaggy beard. One’s a diehard punk rocker, the other a member of a world famous black metal band (I’m sworn to secrecy never to divulge the name, but the band really is world famous). And they are a couple of sweethearts.

They took it upon themselves to make up a few dog hoodies with her name printed on them. Edna’s gonna be toasty warm this winter.

Thanks, guys! You’re awesome.


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