dimland radio 3-5-22 show notes

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Bachman Turner Overdrive

Adam Reader, the Professor of Rock.

I jump right into a Pedantic Moment this week. This one involves YouTuber Professor of Rock, The Guess Who, Keith Moon, Burton Cummings, and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Adam Reader is the Professor of Rock whose well-produced YouTube series focuses on the history of rock and pop music. Reader enthusiastically delivers the stories behind our favorite rock and pop hits and artists. He does deep dives into both the hits and the deep cuts. The Professor also interviews many of the artists responsible for so much great music.

Adam loves rock music.

In one video, from one year ago, the Professor looks at five songs from the 1970s that were hits then, but, for some reason, don’t get much airplay on today’s Classic Rock stations. The songs just didn’t make the cut and have been forgotten, at least by radio.

The first song he profiles is The Guess Who’s Share The Land.

It was at my mention of The Guess Who and Share The Land that I went on a momentary tangent away from my Pedantic Moment. It’s a tale of a little too enthusiastic (and also fairly drunk) younger me enjoying the Canadian band playing at The Cabooze, a Minneapolis music venue.

Bachman Turner Overdrive

Anyway, Reader mentioned a founding member of The Guess Who who left the band and started another biggish 70s band: Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Be careful how you say that band’s name. It’s my Pedantic Moment. A moment that involves The Professor of Rock, The Guess Who’s lead singer Burton Cummings, and The Who’s Keith Moon.

The Beatles Get Back Follow-up Featuring PC Ray Dagg

Paul sees that they are busted.

I talked a little more about Peter Jackson’s The Beatles Get Back docu-series (on Disney+), one of the topics from last week’s show. As of last week’s recording, I had only gotten part way into part two of the three part series. I had finished watching the entire series since last week’s show and I gave a few more of my thoughts.

This past week I spent some time getting to know the young (he was 19!) police constable who was tasked with getting the world’s most popular band to knock of that racket. It was the middle of the day in London and commerce needed to happen! Those darn Beatles were disturbing the peace and causing crowds in the streets and on nearby rooftops. Someone is going to getting hurt. And business is being disrupted!

“Show’s running long, pilgrim. Can you keep it short?”

Learn more about young PC Ray Dagg here. He’s the taller bobbie in the photo above.

When looking for more info on the original documentary (Let It Be from 1970) produced with the material Jackson used to make Get Back, I stumbled upon Paul and Linda McCartney accepting the Grammy Award Paul, John, and George had won for Best Original Score for that original documentary.

It was announced by John Wayne of all people. Why John Wayne? At the Grammys?

There’s something so refreshing about Paul’s incredibly brief acceptance speech. Watch it here.

Call Me Caroline: Abbey Road

Call Me Caroline is a YouTuber who has just finished her first listens to The Beatles. She listened to each Beatles album and single in chronological order by when each was recorded, starting with their first album Please, Please Me (1963). Caroline admits that she has heard some Beatles music (she doesn’t live in a cave!) prior to the project and she lets her viewers know when she gets to songs with which she is familiar.

I know there are those out there that don’t go for reaction videos and I have see some that aren’t great. Some just show a person listening to the song without making much of a reaction and not having much to say. They just say that they liked it and wrap it up. I don’t care for that sort of reaction video.

However, Caroline is also a musician and singer. As such, she gives her viewers a more technical insight, without getting too heavy on the musician speak. She is also quite likeable. She seems very genuine in her reactions. And when her eyes light up when she hears something she didn’t expect, it’s delightful.

As I said, she has completed her Beatles project with the release of the video of her reacting to Abbey Road, which is currently my favorite Beatles album.

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Civil Hall by The Vapors and Melt The Guns by XTC

Second ad break bumpers: Party At Ground Zero by Fishbone and The KKK Took My Baby Away by Ramones

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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