dimland radio 2-26-22 show notes

What Is Going On?!

Last week, I told of the flooding of the basement of the building in which my wife works. It was the second time in the last 15-16 years there was a broken water main that cause significant flooding and more than a little damage.

Well, Friday morning, the fire department blocked traffic where I normally turn to drop her off at work. I had to let my honey bunny off at the corner. I told her to let me know what gives.

She texted me a few minutes later.

A construction crew, working in the building next door, was making repairs left by the flood damage, when they managed to cut a gas line. Yikes! That could have been really, really bad.

Fortunately, nothing horrible happened.

The Beatles Get Back

Amy and I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for the Disney+ streaming service. There’s a lot of cool stuff on there. It offers Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, Disney (of course), and the new Beatles documentary Get Back, which was directed by Peter Jackson.

Jackson was able to access hours and hours of film and audio footage of the Beatles working on what would become the album Let It Be. The 1969 project was very ambitious. The band was to write, rehearse, and record, with no overdubs, an entire album’s worth of material. And then do a TV special featuring a live concert. They had about three weeks to accomplish it all.

It didn’t go quite as planned.

There were tensions, especially between Paul McCartney and George Harrison, during the writing sessions. Harrison even quit the band for a time. But there was a lot of fun had between the band mates.

An earlier documentary called Let It Be used all that same film and audio. However, that documentary, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, focused more on the tensions. Jackson’s film is honest about the tensions, but acknowledges there was plenty of joy and fun during that stressful, yet creative period. Both films culminated in the famous rooftop concert, the last time all four Beatles would ever perform together live.

The music was shelved for a time. The Beatles wentb on to record and release the fantastic Abbey Road album. Later, Phil Spector was brought in to make something of all the recordings of the Let It Be/Get Back sessions. He polished the songs, gave a couple of them string and horns and extra backing vocals, and Let It Be became the last Beatles album to be released. (Paul was not happy about what Spector did, especially with the song The Long And Winding Road. Spector’s version and Paul’s performed version.)

The Get Back documentary is lengthy, but completely fascinating. Seeing Paul creating the song Get Back right from the beginning is awesome.

Once I finish Get Back, I look forward to seeing what else Disney+ has to offer.

(The preceding has not been a sponsored advertisement for Disney+ or Get Back.)

The Internet Is Full Of Bullshit

This ad showed up in my Facebook feed…

A medical intuitive? Intuitive self-diagnosis and healing? Holistic medicine? Seriously, Facebook! It’s as if your algorithms don’t know me at all.

What a load of bullshit. Take cold reading and guess what’s medically wrong with someone. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?

Speaking of internet bullshit, there’s a YouTuber who searches and searches for tiny specks in photos taken during space missions and zooming way, way, way in on those specks in order to prove… What? Space aliens?

See it? Right there in the red circle! AMAZING!

Sigh. They’ll let just about anyone of YouTube. (Not you, Alex Jones! Hee hee.)

The evidence this YouTuber finds is laughable. And once again it proves the skeptical maxim (I’ll attribute it to Dr. Steve Novella):

Every piece of photographic or videographic evidence of anything paranormal, be it a ghost, a bigfoot, a lake monster, or a UFO, must be blurry to be believed. If the images were in focus, we would know what the objects, be it a dust speck, a bear, a floating log, or a balloon, are not paranormal.

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Cheeking Tongues by Wire and Der Kommissar by After The Fire

Second ad break bumpers: Bitter Fruit by The Alleycats and Above It Now by Figures

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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