dimland radio 2-19-22 show notes

A Big Mess. Again

The previous water burst did not require the street and sidewalk to be dug up.

About 15 or so years ago, a water main burst in the basement of my place of employment. The pipe had rusted through and the water pressure became too much and the water came flooding out.

The fire department was called and then they called the city to turn off the water. Lots of water made its way into the basement, but it eventually receded and the pipe was replaced. Work resumed. Time went on.

Two Wednesdays ago, a little more than an hour after I dropped my wife off at work, she’s back working at the same place I was at 15 years ago, she gave me a call. “A water main broke and the basement is full of water and mud.”

“Again?!” I exclaimed.

Well, the burst pipe was not inside the building, as was the case years ago, but under the street outside. And the property next door suffered worse damage.

Repairs are underway and the work has resumed.

Amazing Race?!

I had to drop some supplies off at one of our customers while I brought Amy home from work. She waited in the car in the parking lot as I ran my errand. She spotted a car with personalized license plates:


I guessed amazon something. My wife said, “No, Amazing Race.”

The Amazing Race is one of the better “reality” game shows on television. It’s not as horrible as Big Brother or Survivor or Celebrity Apprentice in that people are eliminated by coming in last in the travel/task-doing challenges not by being voted off or fired by an orange asshole.

I sent a picture of the license plate to a friend who is a fan of the show. He too had trouble deciphering the personalization. I told him what my wife had told me. “Oh, yeah,” he said.

But then it occurred to me what it probably meant.

Some religious thing. How ordinary.

Try A Little Harder

This meme was shared on Facebook by a person I know to be a skeptic. It was liked by another person I know to be a skeptic.

Do you know what you can’t see in that picture of the football stadium? People wearing masks or showing their proof of vaccination cards or their negative COVID tests. These were all required to attend this year’s Super Bowl.

Admittedly, most of the fans in attendance did not wear their masks. But having shown they had been vaxxed or had a negative test prior to attending the game at least meant the spreading of COVID wouldn’t be as high a risk as kids attending school without being vaxxed or having negative tests.

I was disappointed with those skeptics’ lack of figuring that out.

I was even more disappointed when it was clear they didn’t check out the web address included in the meme. If they had, they would have seen Children’s Health Defense is an anti-vax site associated with anti-vaxxer Robert Kennedy Jr. and is packed with vaccine misinformation.

If those skeptics had checked the website and still liked the meme, that is super disappointing.

Super Bowl 2022

Conservatives had a problem with this? Do tell!

This year’s Super Bowl was entertaining. It was a little bit of a come down after the playoffs that featured a couple really exciting games. And I would have preferred the Cincinnati Bengals to have won, but it was an entertaining game.

The halftime show was going to raise the ire of right wingers no matter what happened. Were any of us surprised? It was a hip hip halftime, so of course conservatives would have problems with it. I’m not saying it was racism, but… Yeah. It was.

Hip hop is not my jam. I like a few songs, but I’m not very knowledgeable about the musical art form. I just know what I like.

I liked much of the show. It was entertaining in the same way the game was. I just wasn’t blown away. Prince set the bar very high and it hasn’t been matched. And I’m including The Who.

And I really only remember one of the commercials. The one with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, which I liked and have forgotten what they were advertising.

I mentioned a conservative who suggested a halftime show with Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and Lee Greenwood would have been a great show. Uhh. Kid Rock already performed a Super Bowl halftime show. In his melody, he included his song Cowboy. Take a gander at the lyrics. Some high level American family values there.

A Dimland Pedantic Moment: Watch Mojo’s Interpretation Of A Camera Shake

WatchMojo is a YouTube channel that posts professionally made videos everyday focusing mostly on the world of entertainment. They make a lot of Top Ten lists.

I watched one that listed the top ten moments Robin Williams went off script and improvised something that stayed in the film. Now, I’m a little skeptical of claims of improvisation that came out of nowhere to make it in the film. Perhaps it was in the rehearsal and it was decided to put on film.

I could be wrong.

But, I believe WatchMojo misinterprets a camera shake in the “farting wife story” improvisation scene between Matt Damon and Robin Williams in 1997’s Good Will Hunting incorrectly. They suggest the moment was so funny that the camera operator’s laughter caused the camera to shake ever so slightly.

But. Watch the clip. Pay close attention. The camera shakes throughout. I think that was done deliberately. I think the film’s director Gus Van Sant had the camera shake in order to pull the viewers into the scene.

Again. I could be wrong. (But I doubt it.)

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: The Bitterest Pill by The Jam and Middle Of The Road by The Pretenders

Second ad break bumpers: Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash and Watusi Rodeo by Guadalcanal Dairy

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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