dimland radio 1-15-22 show notes

No Access To Delivery Location?

The item I was waiting for.

It all turned out fine, but the one day delay was very curious. A package was out for delivery to my house on Thursday, but it didn’t arrive. “What gives?” I asked myself.

I tracked the package and got the message that the USPS had attempted to deliver the package, but there was no access to the delivery location.

The streets are plowed. The sidewalks are shoveled. The pavement was dry. How could there be no access to delivery location? Curious.

The package was delivered the following day.

It had snowed. Go figure.

Fun Socks And A Possibly Made Up Story

I decided to become one of those old guys who wears the fun socks. And I now have a lot of fun socks. The very first pair I bought shows bigfoot riding a bike and holding a beer. Pretty fun, eh?

That led me to telling the little known story of the Patterson/Gimlin film deleted scenes.

I insist the story is a true story. And by that I mean it truly is a story.

Strange Bedfellows

Why is Ben smiling? Is he listening to Carolla owning the libs?

A few shows back I talked about the super serious, very conservative opinion giver Ben Shapiro. A man who may not ever have had a good belly laugh. I could be wrong, though, because Shapiro’s website The Daily Wire has been promoting comedian/actor/podcaster Adam Carolla.

Carolla is a libertarian sort, so I can see his appeal to someone like Shapiro. However, remember Cadri B’s controversial song WAP (Wet Ass Pussy)? Ben Shapiro did not cotton to such a song with such bluntly stated female desires. OK, Shapiro is a “family values” guy, but has he heard Carolla’s podcast?

Carolla working “hard” at a job that can pay really well. Why don’t you do that?

I used to listen to Adam’s podcast (I stopped after I got fed up with his “I’m rich because I work harder than you” attitude). I recall his talking about enjoying porn and making other sexually explicit comments. He even had a PSA made to help poor Americans and poor folks in other countries avoid having kids they couldn’t afford. It’s a variation of the “pull out” method of birth control.

But, I guess when Adam Carolla is useful for owning the libs, Shapiro and fellow family values guy Dennis Prager look the other way. They turn a blind eye to the sexually explicit content of Carolla’s material, because he’s useful to them. The Judea-Christian moral fellows look past Adam’s atheism and crudeness. Cardi B is leading the world toward sin and decadence. Adam Carolla is making them feel comfortable in their white privilege and their secret desire to say f#ggot.

OK, that last bit might not be fair.

I also talked about a rather long “joke” Carolla tells about the slippery slope as related to smokers losing their ability to smoke in restaurants. It’s an old routine that I heard years ago, but he has come up with a name for “them”: The all-woke, no-joke douchebags. Well, he’s yelling the truth.

The punchline of the joke had me asking, “Can American civilians own grenade launchers?”

Apparently, it is legal, but you can’t fire anything more powerful than a flare. After all, you can’t own grenades. Weird.


Look at those pictures. A friend of mine searched through Google Earth (I kept saying Google Maps, whoops) and thinks an anomaly he’s found is significant. He is suggesting he’s found evidence of an eight mile long building emerging from the melting snow of Antarctica.

I think he’s found an image of sunlight reflecting off part of a mountain ridge, which when magnified to the extreme displays what are likely photographic artifacts that resemble windows. Through the phenomenon of pareidolia, his brain is creating the image of a building that isn’t there.

This reminds me of the aphorism that when you hear hooves, think horse not zebra. Horses are far more common in most places than zebras. The saying means that people should put more weight on ordinary explanations for mysteries than on extraordinary ones.

Although the aphorism (in medicine it’s known as a zebra) isn’t exactly worded the way I quoted it, I think my explanation of what we see in the photo is far more likely than some gigantic building with massive windows.

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

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