dimland radio 1-15-22 show notes

No Access To Delivery Location? It all turned out fine, but the one day delay was very curious. A package was out for delivery to my house on Thursday, but it didn’t arrive. “What gives?” I asked myself. I tracked the package and got the message that the USPS had attempted to deliver the package,Continue reading “dimland radio 1-15-22 show notes”

dimland radio 10-23-21 show notes

Runny Nose Was Running ‘Tis the season when my nose runneth over. Each Spring and Fall, I have a few days or weeks when my allergies decide to kick my ass. Most days through those times of the rolling year I’m fine, but there are days when I want to remove my nose. The firstContinue reading “dimland radio 10-23-21 show notes”