dimland radio 8-28-21 show notes

5 Minutes Of Covid

Realizing I have talked about Covid a lot over the last several weeks and months, I decided to limit the amount of Covid talk I do this week to five minutes.

Ivermectin, a livestock deworming medication, is the latest doesn’t work preventative or cure for the Covid to be jumped on by people who don’t want to get vaccinated. Add it to the stockpile of hydroxychloroquine, bleach, and UV lamps. What some people won’t do to keep from getting the jab.

The FDA has given full approval to the Pfizer vaccine. Can we hope this will get some of the vaccine hesitant to get vaccinated? One reason they were holding back was the fact that the vaccines have only received Emergency Use Authorization, not full approval. Well, Pfizer has that now. But, just watch the vaccine resistant move the goalpost by saying the approval came too fast. They could be like Fox News who want the ability to both suggest the approval came too fast and not fast enough. Still, it could get more people to join Team Vaccine.

Fearless Loser gave a super-spreader rally in Alabama, the state with the lowest vaccine compliance in America. The former President who lost the 2020 election (he lost, really, he did) was booed by some of his supporters after he recommended they take the shot. After all, he took the shot. But, these people just want to die. Too bad that Covid takes away a person’s ability to breathe. They would be able to do their Mel Gibson’s version of William Wallace impression and cry “Freeeeedooommm!” as they die.

There. Got it done in five minutes.

Old Art And Old Job

On the show a while back, I talked about a piece of original comic book art, page two of Marvel’s Sub-Mariner issue # 72, I have owned since about 1980. I was considering selling it if the auction site gave me a good estimate on its value. They did ($1000 – $2000 or better) and it is currently on the auction block.

There is another piece of original comic book related art that I have owned for about the same amount time as that comic page. It’s a sketch of the DC character Warlord done by the artist who created him – Mike Grell. Drawn for me for 15 bucks maybe during an in-store appearance he was making at the comic shop I frequented back then.

That sketch was estimated at $150 – $300 in value. It, too, is on the auction block. The current bid prices on both are still low ($290 and $90, respectively), but the auction ends on Wednesday. We’ll see.

That’s Cold Side

The old job? That’s what Amy’s got. After close to 19 years, my wife will be returning to the place we first met: Cold Side Silkscreening. She was first hired on as the second staff artist after I left that position in spring 1999. Due to a downturn in business in 2003, Amy was laid off. A move she didn’t mind because she was about to have our son and she wanted to be a stay at home mom.

The art department at Cold Side had some very good artists over the years. The current staff artist, Richard, had stepped out of the art department making room for me way back in 1996. In 2014, he returned and this year he decided to retire. But they needed someone to take the reigns.

And that someone is Amy. She starts Monday.

Of Establishing Shots And Old Beatles Concert Footage

The Fab Four

A YouTube reaction video of a portion (She Loves You) of a televised Beatles concert from about 1965 or so got me thinking of the importance of establishing shots in film, television, and comic books. The YouTuber’s reaction was to the band’s performance, which was excellent, my reaction was to the video presentation.

It wasn’t very good. No shots of the entire band playing together (the establishing shot) and not one shot of Ringo! Not one! I saw the importance of establishing shots in covering live musical performances.

Here is the reaction video. For comparison, here is another live version of She Loves you from about the same time period. And here is their live performance of Revolution, which shows the progression of presenting live rock performances. It’s more like what we see today, although the John Lennon close-ups are a little too close. And that entire “best” performance, from which the YouTuber pulled She Loves You is here.

Speaking Of The Beatles, Here’s The Rutles!

Not the Fab Four

The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash an excellent parody of the Fab Four by Eric Idle, Neil Innes (both from Monty Python), Lorne Michaels and Gary Weis (both from Saturday Night Live), which first aired on NBC in 1978. It didn’t get much of an audience, but it did receive favorable reviews.

The mock rockumentary, years ahead of Spinaltap, closely parodies the career of the Beatles. It even features a cameo of George Harrison. It’s funny, if somewhat corny, and very entertaining. The best part is the music. Neil Innes wrote the songs and some of them would have been huge had they been released in the era parodied in the show.

It’s on YouTube.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press is an actual newspaper. The Rutles aren’t a real band.

And my eagle eye spotted a couple items of interest to Minnesotans and me. Two newspaper headlines are show in the segment sending up John Lennon’s The Beatles are more popular than Jesus moment. The Rutles’ Ron Nasty (Innes) declared they were bigger than God. One newspaper was the St. Paul Pioneer Press! The other has an article about some named Fitzsimons. Well, Fitzsimmons, actually. Frank Fitzsimmons was the former president of the Teamsters Union.

That Fitzsimmons one of the two M‘s clan. We one M’s don’t associate with them. And when you look closely at the main headline, you can see it was literally cut and pasted into a real newspaper.

Pretty cool!

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: The Model by Kraftwerk and The Perfect Kiss by New Order

Second ad break bumper The Sinking Feeling by The The and The Bottom Line by Big Audio Dynamite

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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