dimland radio 12-5-20 show notes

Dimland Radio’s War On Christmas!

Pine trees are used to make Christmas trees. Silence of the Lambs is a Christmas movie!

Bill O’Reilly started it. There really isn’t a War on Christmas, but Bill sure tried to get one started. You know. For kids. I mean. For ratings.

But, in my little way, I thought I would do what I can to wage war on the pagan holiday stolen by Christians. This year I attack Christmas movies by making it so that virtually every movie is a Christmas movie.

Admittedly, it’s a stretch, but I gotta do what I can. You can blame the “Die Hard is a Christmas Movie” people.

Speaking Of Holiday

Police detective Popeye Doyle dressed as Santa Claus. The French Connection is a Christmas movie!

The boys of the G.O.O.C.H. Squad reconvened to record a holiday special version of the Assault of the 2-Headed Space Mules podcast. We joined host Douglas Arthur to discuss our favorite holiday specials and/or favorite holiday episodes of various television series. It was during our conversation that I hit upon this year’s tactic in Dimland Radio’s War on Christmas.

It’s an entertaining two hours. Check it out here.

Covid Of My Dreams

As the pandemic rages on, it is making its way into my subconscious. I have had about half a dozen dreams in which I find myself in a very crowded area and no one is wearing a mask, including me! In the dreams, I got very panicky. I begin to freak out looking for a way for me to escape.

Even my generally enjoyable flying dreams have been affected by my worry of the Covid.

Look! There’s snow and it’s really cold! Snow and cold are common during the holidays in much of the world. John Carpenter’s The Thing is a Christmas movie!

Is This Why I Fly This Way In My Dreams?

Well, this is a Christmas special.

While doing research for my holiday special conversation with the G.O.O.C.H Squad, I rewatched one of my choices the Rankin/Bass special Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. There was something I noticed during the Put One Foot in Front of the Other musical number. Kris Kringle does a run in the air flying/floating move.

Seeing that was a revelation! That’s how I fly in my dreams!

This special first aired in 1970. I was six years old. Could that scene have had such a lasting affect on me?

Sports Ballers Lose Some Of Their Ironic Detachment

Can’t we make the name permanent?

Washington DC’s professional football team has dropped its racial slur name Redskins, after decades of protests and pleading to change the name. The second wave and mainstreaming of the BLM Movement led to greater social and financial pressure on the team’s owner and he finally saw the light. The realization of losing money can move mountains.

The temporary name is now the Washington Football Team.

You know, I would like that to be the permanent name, if only to take away one of the ironic weapons used by the people who dismissively call sports “sportsball”.

Sportsballer (dripping with ironic disdain for sports): “Yay. Football team.”

Me: “Hey! That’s the name of that team. You’re coming around.”

Speaking Of Baller

Those posts are red. Santa wears red! The Detective is a Christmas movie.

I went on a tangent to talk about the 1968 cop movie The Detective starring Frank Sinatra. There are adult themes aplenty. Mainly homosexuality which was considered a mental illness then. The movie was probably shocking in the day, especially for Sinatra’s fans.

Sinatra’s character tells his estranged wife he came over to her place because he wants to have sex with her. He says he wants to “ball.”

You don’t hear the word ball being used that way very much anymore.

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: How Is It A Contradiction In Terms?

Sean Connery has a white beard. So does Santa! The Hunt for Red October is a Christmas movie!

I just watched one of my favorite films again the other day. It’s The Hunt for Red October. I must have seen it at least a dozen times, but it never hit me that when Scott Glenn’s character says, “Central Intelligence Agency. There’s a contradiction in terms,” it doesn’t make any sense.

How is it a contradiction? Intelligence can’t be central? It can’t be something an agency deals with?

How is it a contradiction?

Dimland Radio Science Heroes: Barrack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton

They may not have always gotten the science right (don’t ask W about evolution and stem cell research), but these three former presidents have stepped up for science when it comes to the pandemic and vaccines. All three have stated they are willing to publicly get vaccinated against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. They want Americans to trust medical science and get vaccinated.

10 points to each of them!

Star Wars Fans Again. Sigh.

Even the fellows of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast. They like the new television series, The Mandolin Player or something (Psst! I’m doing that sportsballer dismissing thing. Get it?), but they don’t like the sequels.

Oh, well, it’s art. Art is subjective. What are ya gonna do?

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Living Through Another Cuba by XTC and Your Silent Face by New Order

Second ad break bumpers: Take It Away by Paul McCartney and Eliminator Jr. by Sonic Youth

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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