dimland radio 11-28-20 show notes

How I Dealt With An Anti-Masker On Facebook

Admittedly, it may not have been the most informative way to deal with someone not accepting the information I gave in my recent blog on mask-wearing. However, the blog post had everything my Facebook detractor requested.

My friend Facebook friend kept posting disputed claims, thinking he was taking me to school. He demanded I respond. I did. For each of his claims I posted a pic of me making a silly or skeptical face.

My tactic worked. Oh, it didn’t get him to see the light, but he did unfriend and block me. Just as good.

And he challenged me to “name ONE item that isn’t 100% factual.” He didn’t think I could do it. Well…

He very first claim of Dr. Fauci conducting a study on the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 that discovered most people died from bacterial pneumonia, not the flu, and those people were exposed to the bacteria by wearing masks was not 100% factual. Right out of the gate he shares misinformation.

Dr. Fauci did do a study on the Spanish Flu. He did find that many people died from bacterial pneumonia, but those victims were made susceptible to the bacteria because they had had the flu. And the study makes no mention of masks. Surprise! Surprise! My Facebook friend (well, former friend) was sharing false information.

“What?! False claims from a anti-masker?! I’m shocked!”

That’s great! But Why Is There Video?

And why is it so good?

Florida man, Richard Wilbanks, saved his puppy from the jaws of an alligator. While enjoying a fall evening, Mr. Wilbanks puppy, Gunner, was snatched by an alligator and pulled in the pond in the backyard. Florida man jumped into the pond, grabbed both the dog and the gator, and, with his bare hands, he pried the predator’s jaws open and freed his dog. The entire feat was all captured on video.

The story made national news, even Seth Meyers covered it on Late Night on NBC. And why not? It was some really good news that is very welcome in 2020. But…

My skeptical eyebrow went up. How was there video of this rescue? Mr. Wilbanks had said everything happened so fast, so who took the video? And why is it so good? It’s in landscape, when 99 out of a 100 of these “catch the moment” videos are in portrait. The video is completely steady. I mean, it never moves. The camera was obviously mounted to something.

I was beginning to think the event was planned. “Please,” I thought to myself, “don’t let this be some sort of scam. That fellow seems too sincere. There has to be an explanation for the high quality of the video.”

This Florida news report finally gave me the answers that the national news, Twin Cities news, and Seth Meyers didn’t. There is a perfectly reasonable answer to my skeptical doubt. Find it at the 1:53 mark.

An Atheist Rant: Crediting God

It’s a familiar rant. I get so aggravated when the faithful credit their deity for saving the day, but only after some tragic event has already happened. The faithful believe God intervened to save them from disaster, but they never blame him for allowing the disaster to happen in the first place.

A recent episode of the podcast My Favorite Murder has the latest example to set me off: A mentally disturbed college professor loses it and begins shooting her colleagues during a faculty meeting. She kills three and critically wounds at least three more before another professor accosts her. The shooter attempts to kill the brave woman, but the gun misfires and the rest of the faculty rush in and get the shooter out of the room. Police are called and the disturbed person is arrested.

One survivor calls his colleague a hero but she demurs, “[The] gun jamming was the ultimate saving grace. That’s not being a hero. That’s just God looking out for you.”

ARGH! Is it? Tell that to the three who died and the three who were shot and to all the others in the room who suffered the trauma of a mass shooter attempting to kill them. Boy, that God was sure looking out for you.

Cool Thing #1: Film Crit Hulk’s on Why Star Wars: A New Hope Works

But that finger is too short!

Film Crit Hulk is a YouTuber who gives his thoughtful opinions of popular movies. In this video he explains why Star Wars: A New Hope is a really good movie. He goes through the film sequence by sequence. I think this critique is a pretty cool thing.

Cool Thing #2: The Story Of Harry Potter

YouTuber FilmJoy’s Movies with Mikey has a three part (the first part here) series examining how the eight Harry Potter films all work so well. The series is thoughtful and, at a total of just under 90 minutes, is worth any Potter movie fan’s time. Totally cool!

Not A Cool Thing: A Critique Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Now, if you don’t 90 minutes is enough time to examine eight movies, perhaps YouTuber MauLer’s three-part video series (part one here) which focuses on one film. MauLer dedicates nearly NINE HOURS to his critique of The Force Awakens.

I didn’t watch more than the first few minutes. Who has the time?

You can try.

Bob Murderer

Nice shirt, Bob.

My wife and I both significant time working at Cold Side Silkscreening. In fact, we met there. Other than each other, we got to meet some interesting characters. One of the most intriguing was Bob Murderer.

Bob Murderer, not his real name, was an old school punk rocker from New Hampshire. Blaze orange hair, rail thin, leather jacket and boots, with a face that looked like he was about to smash it through a wall and that he might have already done so. He was the lead singer of the the punk rock band The Murderers. I’ve blogged about the band here and there is concert footage of them here.

Sadly, Bob died this past week. He had cancer. He was punk to the end.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK!

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