dimland radio 12-12-20 show notes

He Just Keeps Losing

I think he’s beginning to like it.

The US Supreme Court deals Fearless Loser yet another loss. January 20th can’t get here soon enough. But don’t forget, the Proud Boys are standing by.

Star Wars Fans Are Gonna Hate Star Wars – Follow Up

In a quick follow up to my talk from last week’s show about how Star Wars fans are the worst fans in cinema for so hating the movies they love, I talked about the tweet (see above) that summed it up succinctly and brilliantly.

Half Speed Makes You Drunk

“Di-ju ehvur wunder how dish burd got innish kaych?”

At least it makes you sound drunk. This was a bit of fun.

There’s a couple videos on YouTube (here’s one) that feature actor/director Jonathan Frakes hosting the show Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction that have been slowed down. The effect is to make Frakes sound drunk as he asks a series of questions. It is quite funny.

Not wanting TV’s Commander Will Riker to feel singled out, I played a couple audio clips of a pair of world famous skeptics slowed down and sounding impaired.

Aericibo RIP


While it is a sad event, the videos that capture the collapse of the 900 ton instrument platform, which destroyed the huge radio telescope earlier this month, were pretty cool. And I’m sure the footage the drone recorded will help engineers determine what went wrong.

Well, the space observation tool was 57 years old. The years can catch up to you, I can tell you. I’m 56. I haven’t spent my whole life outdoors facing the elements and I still feel like I might collapse at any moment. The old dish had a valuable life helping astronomers listen to what’s out there.

I wonder if there will be video of my eventual collapse.

Stop Spreading The Stupid

The meme has been fixed by me.

Suggesting the 2020 presidential election (including the mail-in vote) was not safe, secure, and honest in light of the fact there is no evidence that it wasn’t is just stupid. And funny how it’s just the presidential election. The Senate and House elections were just fine. Well, there is Georgia’s run-off. I’m sure there will be allegations of cheating should the Democrats win.

The United States Postal Service is trusted to deliver the following safely, securely, and honestly six days a week to millions and millions of households and businesses:

Mortgage, rent, insurance, utility, credit card bills and payments.


Packages. (Some of which contain medications, which the recipients are trusted to take, by the way.)

But not to deliver mail-in ballots?

Oh, and did the ballots need to be shipped at 70º below zero? The vaccines for Covid need to be shipped at that temperature. So it wouldn’t be very practical to deliver the doses to each person, would it?

This is just fucking stupid!

The Beginning Of The End Of Of The Pandemic

The UK has started distributing the Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccine. The vaccine will start being given here in the States very soon, first to the front line health care workers and then it will be given to nursing home residents and workers. It will take until, at least, June or July of 2021 for the bulk of the American population to start getting vaccinated.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

However, until then (and ever after for a while) wear a mask, social distance, stay home! We are still in the woods.

I Ruin My Own Fantasies

I have a fantasy of the paranormal kind. I imagine that I can travel to any time and place in the past. There’s a whole set of rules to my time travel fantasy meant to prevent corrupting the timeline. I can only observe, never interfere.

There would be ancient mysteries I could solve…

That’s when it hit me. There are plenty of currently active mysteries that need solving. There are missing children to find, serial killers and rapists to track down, tax returns to find…

It would be a good thing, though. Maybe I didn’t ruin my fantasy…

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK!

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