dimland radio 6-20-20 show notes

Scrubbing Floors With Infectious Disease Experts

I did not do a show last week due to the big scrub and wax job we do each year. This year I was fortunate enough to be able to work with three infectious disease experts. Yep, the three fellows’ years of experience not working in medical science has given them the insight and confidence to be certain they know better than the men and women who have dedicated their lives to understanding, treating, and preventing infectious diseases.

I was so honored to be working alongside them. Seeing them not wearing masks was quite an inspiration.

I also talked a bit about the lack of mask wearing I’ve been seeing around town.

People! Wear a god damn mask!

Basic black works.
A little Gilbert can make masks fun.

I Made A Visit To The Spark Of A Revolution

A couple Saturdays ago I had the chance to visit the sites of the damage done by rioters crying out for justice and change in America and the spot where George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police. It was a moving and sober visit.

Here are some pictures:

Walgreens just blocks away from the comic store for which I work.
3rd Precinct headquarters of the Minneapolis Police.
Minnehaha Liquors
Part of the memorial for George Floyd at the intersection of 38th and Chicago.
Killed by police. So many names.
The spot George Floyd was murdered.
What do you want your last words to be?

Required Viewing

I’m not qualified to really talk confidently about the state of policing and racial injustice in America, so I will direct you to the following people to help put all this in perspective:

John Oliver

Trevor Noah

Kimberly Jones

Dave Chappelle

And then there was Candace Owens, an African American woman and a conservative, who took to social media to blame the victim and declare George Floyd is not her martyr and not her hero. I had a couple things to say about her talk, but I think these people would have a deeper understanding of the situation than I:

Roland Martin

Tyrone Magnus gives a more nuanced reaction to Candace Owens and George Floyd.

Another Example Of The Mandela Effect?

This might be a little frivolous in light of the seriousness of the topic, but I think there is a Mandela Effect starting. People are saying and artists are depicting the cop who murdered George Floyd as having his hands in his pockets as he was killing George Floyd.

Well, that’s not true. The officer was wearing black gloves which made it appear he had his hands in the pockets of his black or navy blue pants.

Aunt Jemima Is Gone

Quaker Oats, owner of Aunt Jemima, a character that had for decades been used to sell pancake batter has realized that, even if they had tried to move away from the original depiction in recent years, their character was still based upon the racial stereotype of the “mammy” persona, and that it was time to retire her.

She is based on racist attitudes and it’s time she be relegated to the ash heap of history. Right? Everyone can agree on that, can’t they?

Well, not exactly everyone, because all of a sudden some people are worried about erasing Nancy Green from history.

Who is Nancy Green, you ask? (Interesting question. I’ll address why in a moment,)

Why, she was the first woman to play the Aunt Jemima character selling pancake mix at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Ms. Green went on to play the character for years and made many, many promotional appearance as the character. That’s who she was.

But you had to ask who she was. It’s not exactly erasing someone from history when hardly anyone knew who she was until the character she played was retired. Sure she has a Wikipedia page, so someone knew who she was, but I have my doubts those Facebook friends of mine sharing links to her Wikipedia page had ever heard of Nancy Green before Quaker Oats announced ending the use of a racist character.

Too bad Facebook wasn’t around when the Frito Bandito was retired.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. WEAR A MASK! Stay safe.

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