dimland radio 4-11-20 show notes

Don’t Compare COVID-19 To The Flu…

See? No be deal on March 1st.

Unless that comparison is to show ow much worse COVID-19 and the virus that causes it are much, much worse than the flu. For one thing, the flu can’t be combated by vaccination. At this time, COVID-19 cannot..

I spotted a very illustrative gif to help drive that notion home. You can find it here.

There is one caveat remarking the gif. I would like there to have been source citations for the information presented in the chart. The big number (1,842) given for the one day death toll for COVID-19 does sound about right, but I couldn’t confirm it. I did do some math with the daily average death number caused by Influenza/Pneumonia (153) and it seems accurate to me.

What a difference a month and one week makes.

One thing made clear in that chart is that a world without just one specific vaccine can result in the horror of this pandemic. What do you think a world with no vaccines would look like?

Conspiracy Theorists Are Concerned About A Vaccine For COVID-19

Are you aware the Bill Gates wants to use the vaccine for COVID-19, when one is developed, to put a chip in us to track us. Probably so the government can finally come and take our guns! Wake up, sheeple!

The person who posted the article and commented that the sheeple will get in line to get their chips and another commenter are people I went to school with. Sigh.

Dr Drew Apologizes

World famous physician and advice giver Dr. Drew Pinksy was wrong. Early in COVID-19’s advance through America, Dr. Drew publicly decried the media’s “over-hyping” the dangerous of this disease. He believed it was just another flu. His objections were jumped on by those who wished we could just live life as we always had. He’s a doctor after all. He knows what he’s talking about despite all the many, many other doctors who were sounding the dire warnings that this coronavirus was different and very dangerous.

But with more evidence becoming clear to him, Dr. Drew realized he was wrong. And he apologized publicly. His denial has done some damage, but it’s good to see he was able to change his position. He didn’t double down.

A Dimland Pedantic Moment: Why Teachers?

I have the utmost respect for teachers. I really do. Their job is vitally important, because an educated populace is absolutely vital for a strong society. But, when I saw this sign in the drive-up window of a local McDonald’s, I couldn’t help by ask, “Why teachers?”

I can understand, being that this is in response to COVID-19, why medical professionals and first responders would be included. Those folks are on the front lines. They put themselves at risk of being infected by this dangerous virus. So to reward them with a free sandwich or beverage makes sense. But teachers aren’t on the front lines. Like many Americans, they’re working from home, teaching their students online.

What about grocery store and drug store workers? Farmers? Truckers? Trash collectors? Postal workers? Janitors?

Cool Thing: Janitors Get A Little Love

Sure, we (I work for a janitorial service, both as the office manager and a cleaner) don’t warrant a free sandwich from McDonald’s, but janitors did get a nod from Google. Google did a week’s worth of thank you’s in their Google Doodles to those workers in America who are considered essential and aren’t sheltering at home. And they gave thanks to custodians and sanitation workers.

You’re welcome, Google. Can you talk to McDonald’s about getting us a free sandwich?

Two Great Moments In Customer Service

First up was my call to Target’s customer service to see if I could get any late charges waived from being two days late on a credit card payment. I had never been late on a payment before. Target waived the late fee (a fact I neglected to mention on the show), but before that I had an interesting experience getting to speak to a customer service rep. It was actually amusing and a nice human moment.

The second tale was of my wife’s run in with a mobile notary public that just couldn’t be bothered. She was also quite spendy. The tale continued with an experience of great timing involving a cell phone call, a UPS store, and a gas-powered leaf blower.

My Quaratine Film Festival List

Lots of requests for lists have been making the rounds on Facebook during this Stay At Home response to the pandemic. Some of the lists were big years ago, but, with people bored at home, those lists are back in fashion.

A list that seems to be new, however, caught my eye. I thought what the hell? And I filled it out. It’s a list of movies for a special film festival for those who are stuck at home.

The movies I picked aren’t necessarily my favorite of the given genres, but I thought they would be good for such a festival.

Quarantine Film Fest. You can only pick 1 film for each genre. Here are my picks:

1 Western Movie: True Grit (2010)
1 Monster Movie: Frankenstein (1931)
1 Fantasy Movie: The Wizard of Oz
1 Action Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
1 Thriller Movie: The Hunt for Red October
1 Horror Movie: Legend of Hell House
1 Slasher Movie: Halloween (1978)
1 Drama Movie: The Maltese Falcon (1941)
1 Science Fiction Movie: Blade Runner
1 Comedy Movie: Young Frankenstein
1 Musical Movie: The Kids Are Alright (1979)
1 Romantic Movie: Casablanca
1 Independent Movie: Frank
1 War Movie: The Dirty Dozen
1 Bond Movie: The Man with the Golden Gun
1 Superhero Movie: The Dark Knight
1 Documentary: Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who
1 Cop Movie: L.A. Confidential
1 Prison Movie: Papillon (1973)
1 Prison of War Movie: The Bridge on the River Kwai
1 Animated Movie: Toy Story
1 Gangster Movie: Goodfellas
1 Foreign Language Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
1 Disaster Movie: The Towering Inferno
1 Hitchcock Movie: North By Northwest
1 Kubrick Movie: The Shining
1 Tarantino Movie: Pulp Fiction
1 Spielberg Movie: Jaws
1 Coen Brothers Movie: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
1 Star Wars Movie: The Last Jedi
1 Star Trek Movie: First Contact
1 Mystery Movie: To Catch A Thief
1 Film Noir Movie: Memento

The initial list was 17 movies. I added ten and someone who commented on my thread added another six, so the total is 33 movies.

Don’t panic. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe.

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