dimland radio 4-18-20 show notes

TV Doctors Opening Mouths Inserting Feet

First up, Dr. Phil steps out of his field of psychology to compare traffic deaths, smoking fatalities, and drownings in swimming pools to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We don’t shut down the country for that!”

We can tell the TV doctor is out of his field of expertise. None of his examples is contagious. COVID-19 is very contagious and has soared to the number one cause of death in America in a matter of weeks. Yeah, let’s lift the Stay At Home shutdown. What could go wrong?

Dr. Phil later apologized (sort of) for his choice of words.

Then there was Dr. Oz saying that if we opened the schools that might be an “appetizing” first step to getting back to normal. He cited an article in The Lancet that reported on a study done in the UK that concluded, had the UK not shut the schools, it would only have resulted in an additional 2-4% to the fatality rate. (Oz said 2-3%.)

Of course, the internet went into overdrive to put out that could mean millions of dead kids if America were to reopen the schools. Resaon.com, a libertarian website, came to Oz’s rescue by saying the numbers wouldn’t have been nearly that high. They stated it would be more like thousands of dead people of all ages, not just kids.

Oh? Well, that’s much better.

In my pedantry, I pointed out the number difference, but others on the internets gave me reason to pause and think. I realized that was still horrible and that Reason and Dr. Oz were in the wrong.

Dr. Oz apologized. He said he misspoke. Very good, but he’s still a danger for mixing sound medical advice with plenty of bullshit. He needs to go away.

No Worries, Here Comes Kenneth Copeland

Yep, here’s come televangelist Kenneth Copeland with his magic yelling and blowing to save us all from the dreaded COVID-19. He delivered a sermon to an empty church in which he yelled and blow at the pandemic.

See? Copeland’s on it everyone. (There’s even a song!)

It was pointed out by someone on the Facebook that the TV preacher looks quite a bit like a ventriloquist dummy. Hmmmm. I think they were on to something…

So, which one is the dummy?

Two Cool Things

Cool Thing #1: My friend Michael and I watched another classic baseball game on the YouTube. We watching the pitching gem Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. It was Jack Morris’ ten inning masterpiece with some 8th inning defensive magic by the Minnesota Twins. What a capper to such a great World Series.

Cool Thing #2: I’ve started watch all of the Star Wars movies now that I own them. I’m going chronologically from episodes one through three, then Solo, then Rogue One, and then episodes four through nine. A little rough start with episodes one and two, but they’re OK and it does pick up from there.

Mixed Message

On my walk through a nearby park last week, I encountered a message written in chalk on the pathway. It was a message meant to encourage everyone to keep going in the face of this pandemic.

However, the placement of the message was ill-chosen.

Well? Which should I do?

Don’t panic. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe.

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Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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