dimland radio 3-20-21 show notes

The Yoleus A tale I didn’t get to on last week’s anniversary show was about the opening theme music of Dimland Radio. It’s called Ram and it’s by Minneapolis alt rock band The Yoleus. My friend Dave was the guitarist for the band and he gave me permission to use one of their tunes. Originally,Continue reading “dimland radio 3-20-21 show notes”

concert memoirs pt. 45 – cold side bands

I have mentioned a few times through this series that I used to work at Cold Side Silkscreening ( http://www.coldside.com ). Cold Side has been printing t-shirts in the warehouse district of Minneapolis since 1976. It’s been seriously struggling over the last few years and is in danger of going under. It’s a pity becauseContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 45 – cold side bands”