dimland radio 1-4-14 show notes

The Trouble With Cars First off, I mentioned feeling flu-ish, but I feel better now.  What was really a problem was the fact that the VW’s transmission went out.  Oh, joy!  Oh, rapture even! Cold!!! It seems to be something we in Minnesota say to each other every winter, “Why do we live here?”  Well,Continue reading “dimland radio 1-4-14 show notes”

dimland radio 7-21-12 show notes

Only A Janitor Would Notice… While watching an old episode of Law & Order, I noticed something peculiar about the vacuum cleaners being used by a couple janitors at the beginning of the show.  Thanks to my extensive background in janitorial, I could tell, although I could hear the vacuums running, the janitors didn’t haveContinue reading “dimland radio 7-21-12 show notes”