dimland radio 1-19-19 show notes

I Was Challenged This is the actual story. You may recall a story I told a couple shows back about a skeptic sharing a bit of fake news on Facebook. It was my position that they should have known better. They should have taken the time to make certain the story was true and thatContinue reading “dimland radio 1-19-19 show notes”

dimland radio 7-1-17 show notes

A Correction And More Whining For some reason, during my diatribe at the end of last week’s show about talentless yet celebrated artists I kept mispronouncing Jon Serl’s name. I corrected my error. He still sucked as an artist.   I also talked about abstract art and how the less representational it is, the greaterContinue reading “dimland radio 7-1-17 show notes”

dimland radio 6-17-17 show notes

An Opportunity To Be A Good Neighbor A neighbor had a significant part of a tree in his front yard the other morning. That presented me with an opportunity to be Good Neighbor Jim. But did I take advantage of the opportunity?  Maybe. It Then Became A Pretty Heavy Show The entire show didn’t wallowContinue reading “dimland radio 6-17-17 show notes”

dimland radio 1-14-12 show notes

God’s Chosen Team Loses Gotta prove to God how faithful you are, ‘coz he doesn’t already know, right? I talked a little football to start of the show. I couldn’t resist having a little fun with Uber-Christain, Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos losing convincingly to the New England Patriots. Now we can enjoy the rest ofContinue reading “dimland radio 1-14-12 show notes”