dimland radio 5-26-12 show notes

Nervous? I talked about being nervous before going on the air.  I also talked about my son being in a school play for his class. Don’t Be That Guy I commented on a picture posted by a Facebook friend.  It was a somewhat unkind and presumptuous statement and I was taken to task.  Initially, IContinue reading “dimland radio 5-26-12 show notes”

politics and skepticism

“Note that this disparity began with Reagan’s ‘trickle down’ economics and rewriting the top tax brackets so the rich paid MUCH less–and now we have income disparity like some 3rd world dictatorship…” (I will make the concerted effort not to identify the person quoted here. I don’t want to be “that guy.”) This quote wasContinue reading “politics and skepticism”

dimland radio 10-22-11 show notes

Baseball! I started by mentioning the major beat down the St. Louis Cardinals were putting on the Texas Rangers, but I didn’t linger on sports for long. Vacation Is Over I also touched on when it feels to me that a vacation is over. And in doing so I mentioned Ricky Gervais and his podcast.Continue reading “dimland radio 10-22-11 show notes”