dimland radio 6-15-19 show notes

All Quiet In The Neighborhood It’s been quiet. Maybe a little too quiet. Going To California There won’t be a new show next week, because I’m going to California to meet up with a couple friends I’ve only known online. It should be interesting and a lot of fun.   Unless they turn out toContinue reading “dimland radio 6-15-19 show notes”

dimland radio 4-7-18 show notes

Mom: Another Update Well, Mom went back into the hospital for a few more days, but she home again. This time she has on oxygen as her heart needs some help. She’ll be seeing her cardiologist soon. Some Talk About The Ten Commandments I don’t mean the actual Ten Commandments, although I do talk aboutContinue reading “dimland radio 4-7-18 show notes”

dimland radio 3-10-18 show notes

No School. Do Your Homework. Just a quick story about a winter storm that sneaked up on us. It allowed my son to have a day off of school. But I did my duty as a father and made sure he finished his homework Sunday night, so he’d have no worries on his snow day.Continue reading “dimland radio 3-10-18 show notes”