dimland radio 9-4-22 show notes

Cool Thing: Nature Proceeds Undaunted

Way back in 1974 (or thereabouts), a storm blew a large branch out of the tree in our backyard. Two other large branches that were growing from the trunk at the same place as the fallen branch looked as though they, too, might be in danger of coming down.

Dad cleaned up the debris from the yard and, as he did so, he puzzled over how he could prevent more branch loss. He hit upon the idea of tying the two branches together with a heavy chain.

So, he climbed up there and installed the chain. It worked. Well, at least it seems to have worked. The branches haven’t come down, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the chain was responsible.

Nearly 50 years later, Dad still lives in that house, alone now that Mom is gone. (I miss her so much.) And the hackberry tree is still there and so is that chain.

Incredible! Might those two parts of the branches continue to grow toward each other and completely engulf the chain?

Nature continued to do its thing and the tree continued to grow. It has grown right around that chain. Only a small portion of it can be seen. The rest is now inside the tree.

Nature is really something.

Timing Is Everything

At work we printed up some shirts for the son of Clyde Bellecourt, a founder of the American Indian Movement. The design on the shirt was to honor the senior Bellecourt who died fairly recently. We did a fine job on the shirts, if I say so myself.

These guys would not write a racist song, would they?

The son wasn’t able to pick up the shirts, so he sent the fellow who made the design. The artist, himself, is also Native American.

Everything went fine. He was very happy with the shirts. But, there was a song playing on my computer. It was from my Spotify playlist and it was a Beatles song. John Lennon’s The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill. The song isn’t about Native Americans in any way, but Bungalow Bill is awfully close to Buffalo Bill.

Not the most terrible song that could be playing, but of all the songs on my playlist…

I Have A Bet!

My longtime listener knows how much I hate the New York Yankees. They have been beating up on my beloved Minnesota Twins for the last 20 years. Especially in the postseason.

Over that time, the Twins would play the Hated Ones twice a season, a series there and one here. Six to seven games total and for years the Twins have only managed to win one of those games each season.

The good guys have their one win this season, so the four game series this week in New York should be a sweep for the Bronx Bastards. I mentioned as much to a coworker and the bet was on. Three dollars are on the line.

As of this writing, the Twins have lost the first game.

One down, three to go.

Dr. Oz Goes To The Grocery Store For Some Crudité

In an effort to reach out to the working and middle class voters of Pennsylvania (a state in which Oz never lived until very recently, when he decided to run for US Senate), TV’s doctor quack thought it would be a good idea to slum it and go to a grocery store himself. His wife had sent him to get crudité.

He succeeded in showing how out of touch he is with the common people. Crudité? You mean veggie tray? Who calls it crudité? Rich people do.

I had heard the word before on HBO’s Mr. Show. I thought it was made up (Pedantic Moment – All words are made up!) to sound like saying crude in French. Watch this and you’ll see what I mean.

A Scientist Plays A Little Joke On The Internet

The scientist’s tweet claiming this slice of meat is a distant star. He was joking.

Using a picture of a slice of chorizo, a kind of lunch meat, a French scientist played a joke on the internet. He shared the image and claimed it was an image of a star captured by the James Webb Telescope. The internet was fooled for a time, but the scientist came clean.

This brought up the notion of whether or not scientists should play little jokes like this on the unsuspecting public. Does this harm the public’s trust of science?

I dunno, but it led me to talk about…

Juno, James Webb, And Jupiter!

A view from James Webb.

I took my listener through some of the human experience with Jupiter. From ancient peoples observing a star wandering through the night sky to Galileo using a crudité crude telescope to spot four of Jupiter’s moons to the discovery of the giant red spot, and then to the beautiful images from the Juno space probe and James Webb Telescope.

We have come a long way! Thank you, Science!

It’s also pretty cool how much parts of Jupiter resembles Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED! GET BOOSTED AGAIN! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Head Over Heels by The Go Go’s and Bone Machine by Pixies

Second ad break bumpers: My Kingdom by Echo & the Bunnymen and Love Is A Stranger by Eurythmics

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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