dimland radio 9-25-21 show notes

A Very Special Episode Of Dimland Radio

Why a special episode?

Amy and I stylin’ in out Twins tuques!

There a few reasons for this show being special. First, I recorded it a mere three hours before it dropped on Z Talk Radio, B) I recorded it in my art studio because it was earlier in the evening and Amy was watching her reality shows (I hate those), and 3) I sneezed during the show.

The reason I recorded on Saturday instead of my regular Friday night recording time is because Friday Amy and I took in a Twins game. The boys were playing the Toronto Blue Jays. It was a night game, which got pretty chilly. Good thing they were giving out Twins tuques! Not only were they stylish, but they kept our heads warm.

My art studio.

And the Twins won!

We got home after 10pm and I just didn’t have the energy to record a show.

Recording in my art studio may have affected the sound a little, but it was ideal to capture the first ever on air sneeze in Dimland Radio history. Eleven years (the first few years were done live), 511 shows, and I had never sneezed while doing the show. That streak came to an end in the last segment of this show. Show number 512.

Pretty good run, eh?

More Sports Ball Talk? Yay!

After last week’s sports ball talk I thought I should acknowledge the fact the Twins did manage to win one game against the Hated Yankees this year, but that doesn’t change the fact that the good guys have been totally owned by the bad guys for the last two decades.

Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey: The men who integrated Major League Baseball in 1947.

I went on to talk about the breaking of the “Gentleman’s Agreement” in Major League Baseball. The agreement, that no team would have any black players, had been implemented in about 1890 and had stood in effect until Branch Rickey, owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers (I mistakenly said Boston Red Sox), decided it was time to end the race-based exclusionary policy in 1947.

I used this history to spring into my look at a meme that has been floating around the internets. It’s a comparison of the massive wage gap between men’s professional basketball players and women’s professional basketball players. The meme uses NBA superstar LeBron James to compare and contrast with WNBA superstar Sue Bird.

I assume these numbers are accurate.

It’s possible I dug myself into quite a hole when I talked about how the meme doesn’t take into account the basic economic tenet of supply and demand. There just isn’t as much demand of women’s basketball as there is for men’s. There’s a lot more money in most of the men’s versions of the major team sports than in the women’s. (Some other statistics no included in the meme are here.)

That’s just how it is. Maybe the meme isn’t calling for Sue Bird to immediately be compensated the same as LeBron James. Maybe the meme is pointing out the unfairness in the lack of interest in women’s professional team sports. And maybe the meme is concerned with that aspect of the patriarchy.

I went a little further and speculated on the possible integration of women in men’s team sports, the way black players were eventually integrated into the MLB. Black players entering the majors in baseball made baseball a better game, both as a sport and as a moving forward of the greater society.

But, women in the MLB? Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that.

A Dimland Radio Science Zero (Again) And Science Heroes: Joe Rogan (Zero) & The SGU (Heroes)

Joe Rogan is a dumbass when it comes to healthcare, the pandemic, vaccines, and Ivermectin. Normally, some dude being a dumbass about such things isn’t all that surprising or alarming, however Rogan is a dumbass with millions of listeners to his podcast. Listeners with are getting all filled up with his dumbassery.

I declared the immensely popular dumbass Joe Rogan a Dimland Radio Science Zero once before for his “Dude, you’re young and healthy, why get vaccinated?” dumbass comment. Sigh.

Well, I also get to declare people Dimland Radio Science Heroes and the members of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast are well deserving of the honorific. In fact, they are Hall of Famers!

The SGU taking down a very popular dumbass.

Recently, during one of their weekly Friday night live streams, host Dr. Steve Novella and his brother Jay really laid into dumbass Joe Rogan’s dangerous dumbassness. It takes up most of the first half hour of the live stream from a couple weeks ago (see it here). I couldn’t have done the take down nearly as well as these guys.

Oh, and I also mentioned another Dimland Radio Science Zero Tucker Carlson. He’s a dumbass, too. And he’s probably vaccinated against Covid due to Fox News’ vaccine policy, meanwhile he tells his audience of millions the vaccines are dangerous and thousands of people are dying after getting them.

Two can play the correlation/causation game, Tucker, you dumbass.

It’s a little correlation/causation fallacy and a little misunderstanding of (or purposefully misinforming viewers about) the function of the VAERS government website. VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It has been set up for people to report adverse reactions to vaccines, any vaccines not just the Covid vaccines. Anyone can call and make any claim.

The site has been set up to search for patterns. If a pattern is detected it is more closely investigated. If there is something going on, action is taken to address the problem. Tucker just takes the adverse events reports as real and thinks thousands of people are dying and he tells his audience. And they don’t get vaccinated.

Are Killing Joke Conspiracy Theorists?

One of last week’s Cool Things was Killing Joke’s new song:

I Am The Virus

When I saw the lyrics to the song, I got the impression the band might be conspiracy theorists. With lyrics such as:

“False flags and Black Ops
Tavistock manufactured shocks
Something’s gone horribly wrong
Hot flushes for the Neo-con
A population
In deep denial
Contagion released
From a Phial”

A phial? Are they suggesting Covid was leaked from a lab. A lab leak is very unlikely.

“No one believes
In nine-eleven
Steel frame buildings
Don’t fall in seconds”

Seriously?! Are they 9-11 Truthers? Ugh.

This is why I separate the artist from the art. But it is difficult when the art is bullshit. It’s still a good song.

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: The Analog Kid by Rush and When I’m Not by The Magnolias

Second ad break bumpers: Warm Leatherette by The Normal and Smooth Operator by Sade

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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