dimland radio 6-12-21 show notes

Hayden’s Big Week

My son Hayden had a very eventful week.

Ready for Prom!

The biggest event was his graduating from high school. It’s hard to believe all those years of schooling are over. It’s cliche to say how time goes so fast when watching your kids grow, but it is nevertheless true. How is it possible the time has gone by so fast?

His week was capped off by his going to prom. He went stag and hung out with friends. Despite his refusal to dance, he had himself a good time.

But, the week had an interesting start. Last Saturday (I know, that’s technically the end of the previous week, but go with me), while waiting for me to pick him up after a graduation party he attended, my son felt his life was threatened by a menacing stranger.

He followed his instincts and was able to find some kind people who helped keep him safe and calm until I arrived. I must admit when he told me the tale I was pretty shook up. What could have happened? It gives me the chills.

Well, nothing horrible happened and my boy has his high school diploma! Congratulations, Hayden! Your mom and I are so proud!

Cool Thing: MN Skeptics Meet Again!

A group photo from some years ago. Many pictured here made it to the first meet-up in person since March, 2020. Thanks to science and the vaccine!

After 14 months of Zoom meet-ups, the Minnesota Skeptics were able to meet in person!

No masks! A few hugs. Sitting ’round the same table. It was great! It made the drive through rush hour traffic and our early summer heatwave (I hate summer) worth it.

Of course we were all vaccinated. The MN Skeptics are strong supporters of science (some are even scientists themselves) and understand the need for vaccinating against Covid in order to end the pandemic.

From TPT2’s profile on the MN Skeptics. A piece that ironically started airing just as the pandemic shut everything down.

It really was good to meet again in person.

A Dimland Radio ARGH! This UFO/UAP Thing Again!

60 Minutes really opened a can of worms with their dropped journalistic integrity ball report on the US government acknowledging UFOs are real.

Well, the government didn’t exactly do that. It acknowledged that the various videos being hyped lately aren’t faked and that sometimes there are things spotted in the sky that aren’t readily explainable. Remember the U in UFO and UAP stands for unidentified, not extraterrestrial spacecraft.

I can’t get away from this thing. Last weekend, my mom asked me about it and didn’t want to hear my answer; later a friend asked for my thoughts and he was more receptive; then, during the ESPN Sunday night baseball game, Hated Yankee Giancarlo Stanton was asked about this UFO flap.

He said the universe is too big and too old for Earth to be the only place with life. Well, though that may be true, it doesn’t mean that extraterrestrial life has been visiting us. There certainly could be life out there, but they ain’t been here. It’s highly improbable, anyway.

Thanks a lot, 60 Minutes!

Once again, let’s listen to Mick West.

Sit Down And Watch The Damn Game

Each Sunday night during baseball season, I sit down, open my laptop, and tune in the ESPN Sunday night game of the week. I look forward to it each week, no matter who is playing, even the Hated Yankees. It’s baseball and I like to watch.

Baseball is the only major sport in which the fans can be seen watching for much of the game. Most ballparks have seating available directly behind home plate, so as we at home watch the pitcher throw his pitches, we can see the fans.

Most of the fans are fine. They are there to watch the game and those are expensive seats, so they want to get their money’s worth. But, sometimes there are certain fans that just want attention.

Occasionally, we get the fan on their cell phone waving to someone watching at home. “Can you see me? I’m the one constantly waving!” However, I haven’t been noticing those folks as much lately. The novelty must be wearing off.

Can you spot the two attention seekers sitting behind home plate?
Royals’ mascot Slugerrr tries to deal with Leopard Suit Sign Man.

Well, as I watched the Sunday night game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Kansas City Royals, two attention seekers showed up behind home plate. One was Marlins Man who shows up at most of the Sunday night games on ESPN. You can’t miss him, he always wears the bright orange jersey of the Miami Marlins. He stood out in the crowd of Royals fans who were wearing royal blue.

The other was a fellow in a leopard skin suit who held up several signs. Each had something different written on them, but actually they were all saying the same thing: Look at me!

Be patient. Wash your hands. Wear a mask where required. AND GET VACCINATED!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Freewill by Rush and Mexican Radio by Wall Of Voodoo

Second ad break bumpers: Two Story House by George & Tammy and Quite Unusual by Front 242

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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